Saturday, 9 February 2013

Babies=admin vortex.

Gah, All day pre-natal class today. The vile woman co-opted me into changing a doll's nappy for the classes benefit, whereupon I discovered the thing's privates had been secretly smeared in a mustard poo-proxy, much to the humour of Wife and onlookers. When I finally got home, having been slyly planning a blog post all day, it was only to find the lighting far too horrible for photography. I was somewhat cheered upon return by some more promising 'new arrivals' however, two new figs for Inquisitor Beaumenteur's retinue. I will show off those tomorrow along with a few ideas for my Slaanesh STD warband (that acronym...) that is mustering for an Oldhammer event at Foundry.

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