Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oldhammer Day.

Oldhammer Day is alive! Good news, considering it is the main inspiration for this entire blog. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, the Ansell clan and the Oldhammer movement luminaries. Cannot wait until the weekend of the 31st August/1st September.

I would like to thank Erny in particular for his advice and support.

Below is a new arrival for my Slaaneshi warband that coincidentally turned up today. He is one of the second release (1985, Jes Goodwin) troopers from Golfag's Ogres. Also got a batch of Army Painter strong tone in today's mail, I have taken to thinking of the postman as a kind of perennial Santa Claus.

The spikes on the club needed straightening and there was a small patch of damage on the fur cloak that needed resculpting so it was a fun little lunchtime project. The poor fella has incurably bandy legs and he would not stand straight so I created a mini diorama on the base, leaving him stalking forwards through some razor sharp rocks. Evocative. As he is a comparatively midget 25mm scale Ogre the 40mm base I mounted him on leaves a nice amount of room for extras.

Having been gazumped on a 'Skrag the Slaughterer' recently (oh well, he is apparently connected to Malal anyway) I am hoping to use another of Golfag's lads that should be winging it's way to me soon.


  1. Its when the postman reserves shelf for you at the local collection point you have to worry.

    Golfag's are an excellent little set, reasonable prices can be had and they make a great unit. Together with your cleansing flames for which I believe you also have some of the command you have an excellent start to a RR collection.

    1. You have rumbled my plan. Let's hope the Wife doesn't cotton on to what I'm doing quite so easily.