Monday, 11 February 2013

Rogue Trader, shacks and psykers.

Smashed a couple of shacks together today for the Boone's Landing setting. Had little time for hobby shenanigans really , bit of a brutal Monday work-wise. Those 80s Dark Elves have been calling down from the loft, I think they sense good times ahead, but they will have to wait until tomorrow now.

I also located a little fella (below) I want to add to Beaumenteur's retinue, a Forge World Psyker. Despite an almost obsessive-compulsive desire to call him Mento, I am going with Pietro Barbarigo. It is a lovely sculpt with character, despite the lack of face, but I am worried that Bart's boys are all men. It is a bit of a sausage-fest on board the Winter Hawk at the moment and with all that farting and swearing I think they need a female presence or two to balance the dynamic. I will be on the prowl soon for lady sculpts so watch out internet.

The Boone's Landing Rogue Trader project is coming along now, I will soon be able to put together a battle report or two for your delectation. In a rare bout of hobby lucidity I have decided to prioritise the battle mat, building from the ground up so to speak. Once that is done I can run games with the painted minis I already have and keep rolling out new stuff as I go. Having watched the fun Western-informed prohibition era 'Last Man Standing' (Bruce Willis flick, 1996) again recently I have developed the urge to build a large shack-hotel as a dominating terrain feature.

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