Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oldhammer: Bring Out Your Lead 2013. Love it.

Got over-excited tonight about Oldhammer, what with people blogging about it and making it seem all real and that. As a result I stayed up past my bedtime to further the paint job of my warband and I got an Ogre what I call  'tabletop ready'. Now this can mean a variety of things, just glance through eBay, but to me it means I wouldn't die of shame to use him in a game, but I will hopefully be back to improve him once every member of the warband is this far along.

Grollo the Ogre.

Free-hand 80s-style shield painting, not as simple as I had hoped. I'll be back.

I quite like how most of it's going so far, it's amazing how the older sculpts respond to even a simple paint-job. I quite like the way each mini has a personality waiting to be discovered on top of the character of the lead itself. I find myself quite charmed by Grollo's lazy right eye and his adorable wee yellow boots.

Pity the Slaanesh symbol looks like a plucked parrot, but I will be sorting that out soon enough. And if not well, it just adds to Grollo's charm that he tried to please 'Master' by daubing the pretty shape on his shield.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking good - I do like this incarnation of Golgfag's Ogres.

    Grollo is a great name - like the idea of him trying his best to please MAster with the shield design!

    1. Thanks very much. :)

      I agree with you on this Golgfag set, I think the 2nd release is definitive and a definite improvement on the originals. Subsequent versions get it all wrong of course.

  2. Dont knock the shield design - I would have been proud of that! :-)

    1. Sorry mate! :)

      I'm just trying to push myself, being self-critical.

      I would hate to knock anyone else by knocking myself in jest!

      I am a big advocate of just having a crack with a 'better to fail than never even try' attitude.

      It's just that the shield isn't quite the same as the one in my head!