Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to pwn n00bs and influence people.

I just posted this little nugget on a worthier blog than my own.

"Any decision taken without talking it through with your opponent is a mistake, I promise! Trust Uncle Warlord! Both players need to be on the same page from start to finish on all things, but especially on what type of game you are playing! When discussing what to play and when to play you must also discuss how to play. Anything else just isn't Oldhammer. I was accused of using 'tactics' recently, justifiably as it turned out, but it was unavoidable because one can't simply unlearn something. I should have better introduced my preferred style of play somehow however, that's on me. Ultimately, if you find yourself tucked away in a dark corner tailoring your army to be a streamlined, efficient killing machine in the hope of ambushing some hapless patsy, you have officially failed as an opponent. If, however, you have established that this is not to be a game for the lily-livered or faint-hearted and your opponent agrees... let the Vampires fly!"

I was at once absurdly pleased with myself and yet baffled at my own hubris. I have my own strong opinions on what makes a good game and what ruins an otherwise sociable hobby, unfortunately I just can't seem to keep them to myself. Let me know if pwning n00bs is really what it should be all about and that I had been getting it right all those years after all.

In other news, I have been gradually painting my Oldhammer Slaaneshi warband in between searching for clothes not polluted with baby-vomit and sorting the fridge (sections now consist of 'baby milk' 'Whiskas cat milk' and drastically low volumes of 'coffee milk') and I should have some pics for you soon, your patience is appreciated.

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  1. you have baby milk! wow none here Birmingham, it's all been illegally shipped to China.

    1. I cleaned out the stock of three supermarkets after a marathon quest around Leeds. We have been able to top up this stash as we go, fortunately we just need a little each feed to top up the breast milk (having to combination feed as he is a greedy so-and-so). After seeing what Aptamil goes for in China I have officially decided I am in the wrong business.