Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Warhammer World is not enough.

*UPDATE* Try here for an easier to digest version of my rules! *UPDATE*

Here are some homebrew 'Mighty Empires' style rules I ran for a club over a two year period. They may be a dry read and were designed before 8th edition came out but they might have a nugget or two for people planning their own headache campaign. Note that they are addressed to a specific club crowd and have occasional in jokes and typos. If you have any tips on how to improve things let me know as I would love to go again sometime in the future (possibly using 3rd edition).

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  1. I never used Mighty Empires as a tool for running a campaign; we always played it as a HUGE boardgame, leaving it set up on the dining table all weekend.

    1. That was always an unrealised ambition of mine, I never got enough enthusiasm whipped up in my friends to make it happen unfortunately. Risk and Diplomacy are to blame for that I think. I lost access to the card tiles when I moved away from the club too, though I have loads of the new ones it would not be quite the same. I found a PDF of all the tiles online not so long ago though, maybe I should finally print them off and find some new 'volunteers'...