Friday, 24 May 2013


Board game night came around again at the club last night, we played two games of Zombicide and had a great laugh in the process.

Zombicide seems to be in fashion all over the aetherweb at the moment and having now played it I can see why. The gameplay is fast, furious and fun and the mechanics are simple but engaging. The miniatures are plentiful and nicely detailed, all the wargamers in the room wanted to get their hands on some to paint them up.

I played as Crazy Ned, the hobo on the right/top row.

As I said we managed to fit in two games and had three hours of raucous fun as our reward. The game was very immersive and there were several cinematic moments, few of us could resist making sound effects as we butchered the hapless zombies with our array of weapons. This brings me on to the only downside of the game from our point of view, it's difficulty and long-term replay value. We had six wargaming veterans around the board and we just ripped through both the zombies and the mission objectives by instinctively making optimum decisions and playing the odds correctly. This was my first time playing Zombicide and of the others only two had played through a couple of games but we all agreed to up the ante for the second game and add objectives to the written scenario to make it more of a challenge. Despite the extra hurdles we were even slicker second time around and our teamwork was very efficient, the zombie horde was doomed even though an entire Olympic track team of runners was spawned in one corner. We double checked all the rules, searching for an answer, but apparently it wasn't anything to do with the game. It's because we are a pack of adversity-honed power-gamers who, when faced with cooperative play and a non-human opponent with preset moves, move in for the kill like a pack of starving piranhas. I must learn from this when I write Rogue Trader and WHFB3E scenarios for this lot!

Regardless of the ease of our bloodless victories we will be back for more Zombicide, we want to try doubling the zombies on the cards and see if that helps.

Two things I would recommend, make all the sound effects and name all the zombies. Axis & Allies is next, in June!

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  1. I love this post, Zombiecide rules, Ma's Shotgun for the win although i did have record kills driving a car once, sure game winner, take the cars away from your [player for a real challenge.

    1. Hi Jason, thanks!

      Ned never got his smelly hands on a shotgun unfortunately but he was very impressed whenever he saw one go off in the hands of his team mates. He had success with a pistol/ammo combo, a sub mg that rolled 5s every time, a katana a sawed-off and he was a crack shot with a sniper rifle. All in two games! (Free search action + flashlight).

      MY buddies vetoed the car missions because they weren't keen on how those games played out so we played two objective grab + exit scenarios. It was bizarrely simple with six players, I feel ready for the actual zombie apocalypse, bring it on.

  2. been on my radar for a while thanks for pushing me nearer to buying it.

    1. You won't regret picking it up purely because of the minis and I thoroughly recommend the gameplay. You can easily house rule the game too, to tweak it if one aspect doesn't suit your group. Some people have said that you need your own imagination for Zombicide (the very idea) but 'Last Night On Earth' does it all for you. As a wargamer (looking for co-op games over versus games) I much prefer Zombicide and I had no trouble creating cool moments. I also know people that can't get their heads around not being able to shoot into a space that has a friendly model in, it makes perfect sense to me but some gamers can't abide abstractions. I hope you have fun, let me know!

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