Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Do not pass go. More Boone's Landing architecture.

I had a couple of free hours tonight so without much in the way of planning I knocked together a jailhouse for Boone's Landing. I took the image below from the Wild West Exodus kickstarter as my starting point.

Git offa mah poorch yoo varmints!

I loved the original but felt that if you take away a few minor, peripheral details like the pipe, sign and scatter terrain you have essentially a wild west building. In SpAaAaAce! So I kept with the corrugated shack look as the core of the building and copied the rest as best I could.

Not an exact copy but paint covers all manner of sins.

I am adding some basing material around the edges before bedtime and leaving it all to dry overnight. Hopefully I will get it painted tomorrow.

Just to give you an idea of the materials involved I will explain a little of what I did. I started with some MDF photo frame backing which matches the thickness of the posh stuff I use and hot glued a block of extruded foam to it. I built a doorway out of lollipop sticks and added the corrugated cardboard to the outside of the foam. I recommend corrugated plasticard if you haven't got as many buildings as I have to do. It is more expensive and harder to work with but it is easier to pose and more hard-wearing.

The next stage was to build the porch using lollipop sticks, kebab sticks and the trusty hot glue gun. Balsa wood is better than kebab sticks but I didn't have any to hand unfortunately and it's a pain to make little axe cuts and so on in it, which I can't resist doing.

The sign was a fiddly bit, which is why it's three times the size it should be but whatever. I imagine people cross the road to avoid walking past it and whole populations of flies from across the planet cease to be as they cast themselves onto the fiery, sparking, neon, hypnotic wonderland. It's a JAIL!!! in case you hadn't noticed. I built it out of mesh and leftover wiring from some appliance I butchered for parts long ago. A handy bit of plastic in my one of my bits boxes looked great as a bit of circuitry on the back.

Last but not least, Came the roof. I covered the foam top with some plasticard then covered that with some mesh. I built lollipop stick fencing around the edges of the roof and added a trapdoor to act as an access point.

The whole thing only took a couple of hours or so, though it was quite resource heavy compared to a lot of the other buildings I've done.

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  1. looking good, always love making building. Do not make many now too busy painting
    Peace James

    1. Cheers James. I've had loads of fun putting all the Boone's Landing stuff together.

      I wanted to do more stuff like this because before I was painting up army after army after army while just using them with the same old box of tatty trees and hills. One day I got tired of jumping from one project to another in search of fun I just wasn't having. I am spending more time on the details of my chosen projects now. Join in mate, throw a couple of wattle and daub huts together for your Saga games! I will show you my 6 points of Welsh one day.

    2. That's damn good, talented work Paul, beautiful and I'm envious!

    3. Thanks very much Fran! Still planning more too, I am having a great time doing these.

  2. Looks great, Warlord Paul! Nice to see the Future Warriors figure too! That is one of my favourite figs! Mark Copplestone is the Man who sometimes seems to be forgotten in our crazy community's appreciation of Golden Age (and Current) Geniuses.

    1. I love this model too, nice to see a pretty lady mini that fights fully clothed from time to time too! I like it so much I bought two versions actually, one from Mark and another from em4. They are weapon and head swaps on the same dolly. I am more appreciative of the golden age ethos than the minis and while I like those old classics I will leave the worship of them to those who do it best. Still can't get old school paint jobs quite right!

  3. I have come to think tha tall pleasure is in balance. I agree you can sometimes take more pleasure in finishing a small unpopular mini you love than in nailing a whole army without taking the time to enjoy. The same goes with scenery, I realise I only took time to paint and convert minis but could only field them with the very same scenery I've been using for 15 yeras... It's like for playing, do you play to win or to have fun?
    I guess this goes in line with the logic of your mission statement, we have so many ways to enjoy this hobby, it would be a shame to narrow our vision of it.

    All of this gibberish to say I'm also done with big army after another and I'm getting into more small projects with high value.

    for a sweeter note, we have Space and western background here, just add some dinosaurs and some zombies and there you have it : the ultimate gaming fantasy !

  4. Glad to hear you are developing a 'fun' philosophy too! I had to reach burnout before I applied reason to my hobby and figured out a way to escape from the rut I was in.

    I love the idea of some planet colonies being on the 'frontier' and, of course, adding dinosaurs is the logical next step. I have three in the painting queue so far. I am collecting 'Fallout' style robots too so I can have them wandering around saying things like " Thirsty pard'ner? Drink at Moriarty's" in a robot voice.

    I over-egged the zombie pudding (En français, j'ai utilisé zombies beaucoup) in a short Mordheim, narrative campaign I ran not so long back, though I will get my Necromunda plague zombies out at some stage because I have re-written 'Terror of the Lichemaster' for the Boone's Landing setting.

  5. WOWOWOWOWooooh You just used the words "Dinosaurs", "Fallout" and "terror of the lichemeister" in the same comment, that's far more than I can take...
    Bloody hell, now I have this vision of a Fallout style gang for confrontation... I can almost see my sensei kicking the saloon door open yelling "I've heard there's a motherless SOB worshipping chaos here, now get outta here!" with a squat alongside holding a supersledge and a bratt ganger holding a super pancor...
    Might even have deathclaws played by fimirs...

    1. That sounds like perfect hobby nirvana to me! It's great to realise you are in total control of your hobby. The sense of empowerment is overwhelming at first but once you give yourself a few parameters (enjoyment of your opponent, realistic project management etc) doors start to open in the mind and inspiration kick starts. I want all the best ideas from the best sources available to me when I run a game, I can use them as they are or with my own twist.

    2. Dinosaurs, zombies and Fallout are all very cool, but where's Boss Hogg and his Paddywagon chasing the Bandit around?

      There's got to be some good Grox rustling up in them thar hills.

      Actually come to think of it a Dark Future/Cannonball Run crossover game could be a laugh...

      Nice little build there - you just need a mini for Ma so you can tell her to git offa thu gawdamn roof!

    3. Cledus Snow: Besides, I can't go with you. I got to go to Conyers in the morning and pick up a load of manure.
      Bandit: Shitty job.

      Aaaaah, Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, Dukes of Hazzard, good times. :)

      I have enough materials ready to do several feet of sandpaper/MDF road for a rolling, Dark Future type scenario so look out for that. It can only benefit from the inclusion of some sub-plots from 70s/80s car chase movies.

      I have some North Star African cattle in the painting queue to use as Grox, not sure whether to sci-fi them up a bit or just stick with the longhorn look?

  6. Looks ace! Can't wait to see it painted up! Your Boone's landing terrain reminds me very much of some of the locations from Firefly.

    1. Thanks NFH, it's almost done actually, I want to use it this Thursday so I should have a pic up soon.

      I have watched all of Firefly and the movie and it's a strong influence for sure. I dream up stuff based on all those computer games, movies and TV series that feature 'frontier' planets and then do the best I can with the materials to hand. I have been watching 'Defiance' lately too, it's not as charming as Firefly but the design aesthetic looks great, that's given me an idea or two for future projects.