Saturday, 22 June 2013

Post Apocalyptic Survivors (dudes) from Wargames Factory (via Wayland Games).

The Survivors I ordered turned up in the post yesterday, at first glance they look just the ticket and I am going to assemble one and get him ready for our next game of Zombicide. I suspect one or two will crop up in my Boone's Landing games too.

Official promo shot of the main poses.

There are 30 minis inside but I don't need all of them, as the box cost £18.15 from Wayland Games I am going to sell some at my club for a break-even 60p each thereby spreading the hobby love. I already have loads of people interested so I will end up with one entire sprue of the 10 variations to play with.

The back of the box, showing some trope-heavy alternative poses.

Bodies A, F and G.

B, C and E.

I and J.

D and H.

You get three of the body sprues leaving you with 10 completely unique poses. You can mix and match weapons very well though as you get a 4th sprue with loads of weapon options.

Guns, lots of guns.

The weapons are a mixture of British (SA80, cricket bat) and American (erm, everything else) which enhances the versatility of the set. You get some nice 'concrete' bases too.

All your base are belong to us.

As regular readers know I don't go in for reviews so I am not going to bang on about the quality of this or that. I like the idea of a personalised mini for Zombicide and any similar game we might play and I thought it might be useful for others if they could see inside the box, that's all. Besides, Richard from Wayland Games contacted me after I put the boot into both Wayland Games and Maelstrom Games on the Marienburg Gazette and after having spoken to him I felt more inclined to view Wayland in a positive light. With this plug a little karma may be restored to the universe.

Richard, if you're reading this, please stock Wild West Exodus minis as soon as they come out!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with these guys. There's a lot of character in them!

    1. Totally agree, me too!

    2. Thanks guys, I will do a follow up post with the results of my tinkering.

  2. They look good, if I hadn't switched to 15mm zombie gaming I'd buy a pack!

    1. I know that feeling Fran. I went over to collecting all my fringe fancies in 15mm but ended up gradually moving back to 28mm and therefore spending more than necessary.