Wednesday, 5 June 2013

This site is undergoing maintenance.

Hi all. I am messing about with the blog layout over the next couple of days (5/6/13 to 7/6/13) so sorry for any inconvenience caused. I am back Thursday with a Rogue Trader post that should be a good one.

I am renaming the blog 'The Black Hole' in a gentle move away from narcissism but it's just a new page header, the web address is staying the same. Expect the updated mission statement soon, there is a new labels feature that should help link back to older posts too.

Anything else you want to see, let me know!

*UPDATE* Pretty much all finished with the tweaking, got the old blog looking ship shape and Bristol fashion. This post is pretty redundant now, normally I would liven it up with some pictures of naughty ladies but my new mission statement won't allow that! Instead, I have Google imaged 'Female Wargamers' and present to you some of the results. *UPDATE*

Great! An image from Board Game Geek, what would we do without them. I hope that bloke in the background isn't taking the piss!

Ooh, whats that? The fantasy version of Battlecry? Looks ace.

Ok. Not sure how many pairs of furry love cuffs died to make that land raider but 'girl power' and all that.

This is more like it, board games and beverages!

Crikey, that looks like a busy board. Wait, don't trust that cat! I mean it!

WTF! This is exactly my point! FAIL!

Better, probably a bit patronising but an improvement on Playboy.

Wait! I recognise that one! Hi Tamsin! You're totally famous!

AAAAAH! Jesus, Mary and Joseph...  Not cool, Google.

What? What? What? The lower down I go, the crazier it gets, the less I understand.

Ok we're done here. That's enough!


  1. Replies
    1. Good, though I can see some one getting stung. I accidentally left everything in French for a couple of hours recently while I was experimenting!

    2. Ton blog est extroadinaire - j'aime les modifications que tu as fait! ;)

    3. Bon! Bon, bon. Où sont les jardins publics s'il vous plaît?

  2. always good to have a change now and then

    1. It's as good as a rest, they say, and I haven't had one of those in a while!