Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hobby update 03/07/13

I have played lots of Rogue Trader recently and have it booked at my club for the next three Thursdays on the bounce! I have plans to do reshoots of all the games if possible, though I am waiting on some new photography gear to arrive first. I am making progress with the new jail, I'm using tomorrow and it is TTR at least. Most of the basic colours are done and I am weathering it up real nice. The neon sign is continuing to be the hardest bit to get right, I assume the original posted on the Wild West Exodus kickstarter has been sexed up with a little photoshop, but I am plugging away trying to learn how to do it. I need to pick out some details like the coiling wire and add some flora to the base.

Although the shack is rusty metal and the rest is wood I like the way it all blends together, sepia style. It will fit right in with the existing scenery.

Speaking of flora, I picked up some aquarium plants from a local pet shop for next to nothing and I will be using them to create some alien flora terrain. I have made six bases (which are drying as I write) and I will rearrange the plants on them to look suitably in scale.

In Rogue Trader, 'feeding the plants' takes on a whole new meaning.

I have picked out most of the marines I want to use for Coop's RT game at the Oldhammer weekend. I have bought a couple of new ones (and by new ones I mean old ones, but not in a Cthulu way) from eBay and when they arrive I will get them painted up. I need to have a push on these guys and the Slaaneshi warband over the next week or two.

Marines were real men in the old days, none of this fancy T4 or 3+ save nonsense to rely on.

Last Thursday was board game night again at the club, we played Axis & Allies this time. Once the board is set and the pieces are in place it all looks a damned mess but fortunately the rules are very simple and intuitive so we played the game to a conclusion within three hours (almost inevitably it was an Allied victory). I tweaked the start-up, tournament play allows Germany and Japan an extra eight IPC's (monopoly monies) to start with, I went further and instead deployed three extra German infantry on the eastern front and two Japanese infantry on Japan itself, giving the Japanese player the change. I also split America between two players and allowed them to argue for resources to hinder their efforts. It didn't matter though, Axis wins are rare beasts, but everyone had loads of fun along the way!

The game board. Budding Hitlers, why not change the course of history by invading Canada? After all, it can't turn out any worse for you than actual events.

Finally, allow me if you will to recommend the novel 'Ender's Game'. If you are in the mood for a slightly bonkers but incredibly compelling sci-fi read then look no further. It has been made into a film which comes out in November, no doubt it will be a watered down hodge-podge aimed at everyone and therefore no-one so enjoy this superb book before it's ruined forever.

Don't let the buggers get you!

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  1. Yep, I remember a time when marines smoked, sweared, were poorly shaved and were not the soulless iron clad monks they are now...

    And yes, if you've never read Ender's game, it is definitely worth reading.

    1. Indeed, KIL KIL KIL! and all that. Somehow, the current background fluff has simply lost it's flavour. Ian Watson's 'Space Marine' was an example of how fluid the background was back then. For a more modern but nevertheless interesting take on Marine culture Dan Abnett's 'Prospero Burns' is pretty good too.

    2. Ian Watson's Space Marine - nothing like naked initiations and penetrating the anus of a Tyranid spaceship!

      Re: Axis and Allies - I've never worked out how to play Japan. Playing the old MB version, I struggled to get my units into the wider game.

    3. Yes, by fluid I meant homo-erotic of course.

      The Japanese work best in A&A if you immediately build a factory in French Indo-China. From there you can sweep into India. Leave the Russian bear well alone unless your blow would prove decisive (terminal). Gather all your ships into a single, mighty fleet (near Japan itself, so you can hop units over to the mainland in safety) and add subs and destroyers to it whenever you can, this staves off the US until it's too late. Your fortunes are inevitably tied to the success of Germany however, in our recent game Japan was still strong but Germany collapsed making victory impossible. The most important factions are Germany and Russia, their actions can swing the game either way. I recommend picking up a copy that includes the artillery and destroyers, it makes for a more interesting game.

  2. I've been hearing good things about Ender's Game, maybe it's time?

    1. A mate at my games club thrust a copy into my hands excitedly and implored me to read it so he could talk about it with someone. I was blown away, its not often I find a book unputdownable but I lasered through it in two sittings. Can't say enough good things about it.

  3. I have a nice mod with board that brings France into the game and starts in 1938. Anyway even in vanilla axis wins are easy enough but I guess only if you are the better player and are teamed with an equal or at least competent player. If I ever end up playing a duffus I make it a point to win in the most extreme way with the axis, Japanese taking Africa and Germany the US is lots of fun.

    1. I'm excited to hear about the France Mod, I was toying with the idea of trying something like that with homebrew rules so I will try to find out more.

      It's interesting that you get on well with the Germans. I have played so much over the years that I never let myself be Germany or Russia anymore because I have established tactics that can really skew the game experience. Germany definitely rewards those who can hit the ground running and manage high demands for resources against multiple human opponents. I have never played with anyone that has just the right play style and finds it stress free! I am currently enjoying playing as the US, building a huge navy to win control of the Pacific and Atlantic before sending small land forces to key areas.