Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day off!

I have been busy modelling today, quite the pleasure. I have worked on the Boone's Landing battle mat and RT miniature painting too, in between drying times I have been working on a background piece for the Azura System to help put my upcoming battle reports into context.

The Azura System has been the location in the past for several campaigns, BFG games and two 30000 points per side apocalypse games so I have loads of stuff as a foundation. It is just a matter of trying to present a concise and interesting introduction to the system and its three main inhabited planets. Azure Prime orbits the Azure Alpha star, Requiem orbits Azure Minor and Boone's Landing orbits the far-flung Azure Omega.

While most of the Rogue Trader stuff will happen on Boone's Landing, I may run some stuff elsewhere in the Azura System to keep things spicy. Let me know your ideas for quirky RT stuff you would like to appear. I have a Gyrinx and some pretty feisty vegetation on the workbench but inspiration is always welcome.

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