Friday 22 February 2013

Games Workshop. Responsible for all the world's evil. Discuss.

I love the internet. It does take a fair amount of wading through sometimes, to get to the good stuff I mean. One recurring theme any media-savvy wargamer has to confront is that of Games Workshop and its corporate evilness. It's like Twilight really, hard to avoid and impossible not to have an opinion on. For most people it seems, the more polarised that opinion the better. As my cyber-self floats ethereally through the 'Ereality' of the internet I find it very difficult not to pause and engage with the comments and the articles of others, leaving self-righteous apophthegms in my wake like little karmic turds. Difficult and sometimes impossible. Well it's only fair then that I invite people to come to my territory and vent their wrath here. If you have a Games Workshop experience you would like to share, then feel free to let it all out.

Let me get you started. While I often try to explain away some of GW's eccentricities they did annoy me a while back when I tried to get a part for a faulty Thunderfire Cannon. All my purchases sit in cupboards for months until needed and said cannon was no different, I had opened it and checked it and chucked it in a drawer as usual, but this time I had lazily missed that one integral piece was missing.

This period of fallow for said cannon spanned the change from alloy to resin. :(

The local store manager (after asking me what I was painting at the moment) and the Mail Order department (who for 25 years have been angels at sorting problems like this, one guy once packaged something for postage while he was still on the phone) and the complaints department (THE COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT) all told me that as they didn't do alloy stuff anymore, I was screwed.

Now, legally they may or may not have a point. I don't care. I want to know what on Earth happened to GW. They used to be so keen to help. When did that memo go around to their employees?

"Attention all at Customer Complaints, if you have any customers contacting you to actually complain,  tell them that you regret that they feel that service has been not up to GW's irreproachable standards, then abruptly tell them to go away".

There, I've been carrying that inside for ages. It's been very cathartic to share it finally. Thanks.

Just so you have closure, I ramped up my campaign several notches and when they finally got tired of the frequent, lengthy emails GW sent me a brand new resin cannon. Which I have never opened.

Games Workshop HQ, Lenton, Nottingham.

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