Monday, 25 February 2013

Kellar's Keep.

Following on from the general positivity created in the blogosphere by HeroQuest nostalgia I thought I would upload the first expansion 'Kellar's Keep' to Scribd and also make it available here.

I think this is the North American version. Our Trans-Atlantic cousins, convinced their brawny, bright-eyed youths were made of sterner stuff than the pasty offspring of milk-drinking Europeans, were prone to beefing up monsters stats occasionally, just so you know.

A few friends and I played through Heroquest in an obsessive and completionist way last year. As DM I found it very simple to scrounge up suitable components to proxy for original parts we didn't have. We mainly kept to the HeroQuest rules rather than AHQ to keep things speedy, as there is quite a lot of material to get through. We didn't want to rush it but you know, real life and all that guff.

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