Thursday, 21 February 2013

Slaanesh warband & Blood Bowl Vampire

Thought I would explain the process used to roll up my Slaaneshi warband and let you know the results, I posted most of it in the comments section of this inspirational article so I don't actually have the details on this blog yet.

I rolled straight (let the dice fall as they may) from the holy tome itself, as opposed to following the articles suggestions exactly, and came up with a Dark Elf level 10 hero for my champion. I rolled his attributes etc. before I chose his alignment so only after having been endowed with a 'Mane of Hair' did it become apparent Lord Dibdin Savage was a Slaanesh worshipper. He rolled a Chaos Steed (Throatripper, horrifying skull-faced appearance) and a Daemon Weapon (with a 'cosmetic' Daemonette inside) and was blessed with a fair number of followers, seven Beastmen, four Dark Elves with crossbows and two adoring Ogres. It all makes a surprising amount of sense. Here's a WIP photo of the whole gang.

Tonight at the club I have some more Blood Bowl going on, I'm leading out the Dark Apostles (a Vampire team) this time. They are only half painted so I did some work on one of the vamps this lunchtime, he is really starting to shape up. I got him from a Spanish website, Comixininos, as the GW Vampires are not my cup of O+.

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