Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Slaves to Darkness

Blood for the Blood God! And, well, you know what Slaanesh wants. The mucky pup. Here are those Dark Elves at last, their long exile at an end.

See how pleased with himself their leader is? Hands on hips smug, that's a Slaanesh worshipper for you. So, these guys are favourite, but I stumbled across these fellas too.

I seem to remember these being old, you know, OLD old. Were they marketed as just generic Elves back in the day? I think I prefer the crossbows but I need to think about my retro street cred when I head to Nottingham and use the oldest possible models. I am already shaming myself by using 1992 ogres which are practically modern and my current champion model is going to need an eye-watering paint job to hide the fact that most of it is not even last century. So what can I get away with? Should I just stay at home and play Xbox and go skateboarding? Or should I go anyway and risk being fairly low down in the OS hierarchy, sneered at and kicked every time I pick up the dice? This conundrum aside I am looking forward to some Oldhammer and have successfully recruited some local opponents already so I can get back into the swing of things.


  1. Those spear elves are humans. Regiment of renown knights of the cleansing flame. They are rare enough to fetch a few quid on ebay.

    1. Thanks for clueing me in. The helmets had me convinced they were Elves, must have been brainwashed by latter-day IP propaganda. I have a few more and some command models, I will have to make them a blog project in the future.

  2. Knights of the Cleansing Flame used in a Chaos warband! >Bang< goes your OS cred! Although the pervading and corrupting influence of Slaanesh make them an obvious inclusion in my book! - I say paint them Pink!!!

  3. Yes, in my ignorance as an eleven year old I used them as Dark Elf Spearmen way back when. Was a bit surprised to find out they were in fact not only Human but also fanatical goody-goodies. I can't bring myself to bring tears to the eyes of grown men by subverting them as followers for Lord Savage so I have gone for the crossbows instead. They may yet appear on this blog in a bizarre mercenary force alongside some other ROR such as the Death Commandos and Golgfag's Ogres, watch this space!