Wednesday, 6 March 2013

HeroQuest, The Frozen Horror.

Continuing with the accidental series of North American HeroQuest quest books, here is part 3: The Frozen Horror. Despite the cover art the character introduced within  is supposed to be a female barbarian, following in the footsteps of a Hero of the past. The eponymous big bad has been beaten before but has started a comeback tour, helped by the acquisition of a magic artifact. As the sexiest barbarian alive, you get to confront the aforementioned FH and carve it a new orifice.

The FH is great fun, despite the lack of chainmail bikinis, and follows a slightly different path than the British expansions.

You might need to save from Scribd and conduct some jiggery pokery in Adobe if you want to run the adventure from a tablet, as much of the book is upside down.

This series of adventures originally replaced Against the Ogre Horde across the pond, though I think both ATOH and Wizards of Morcar/Zargon were made available eventually. I loved ATOH and WOM but I really like the way FH allows you to run two-player missions, you can either use the story-arc to introduce a 5th PC or run a few adventures with only one mate, which allows for great flexibility.

We found that we already had suitable models in our collection from an Ogre Kingdoms army and some 'Back of Beyond' models, and the icy floor tiles weren't hard to replicate.

Throughout our adventures we used a roster to record items and effects instead of the cards, the GM simply read out what was available from his notes and this eliminated the need to do loads of printing and laminating (yaaawn).

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