Sunday, 10 March 2013

HeroQuest, The Mage of the Mirror.

Here is the final part of my unintentional series of HeroQuest homages. This is 'The Mage of the Mirror', which does for nimble Elf maids what FH did for Barbarianesses. The same protocols from FH apply for MOTM, introduce the Elf over a few lite quests then let the whole gang get stuck in.

You don't need much in the way of extra adversary minis (surely everyone has a few ogre-sized monsters and a wizard?) but it is worth checking the tiles through. I put in a Hasslefree kid as the princess and a Dwarf miner as the prospector, we were spoilt for choice for wolf forms.

So there we go. I have put the whole lot onto Scribd as a collection, including the North American original boxed set quest book, to enable anyone to game with them anytime.

I also have WHFB3 up, I will follow this with Rogue Trader soon which doesn't appear to be readily available at the moment. I will mention it here when it goes up.

If any of you get a game of FH or MOTM in with friends or family as a result of seeing them here for the first time I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Interesting - never seen any of the US stuff before. I had the Kellar's Keep and Witch King supplements as a kid and always wanted the Ogre Horde but never got it.

    Thanks for posting - no idea when I'll get time for a game but I'd like to.

  2. Glad you were interested by this. We were too, we had never heard of the American expansions until I started to research HeroQuest online as prep for running a campaign last year.

    Good luck with squeezing in a game or two!