Sunday, 3 March 2013

HeroQuest Return of the Witch Lord.

Here is the second expansion of HeroQuest for you to look through, download etc. I am going to stick with the North American versions simply because they are easy to upload onto Scribd (and therefore simple to embed into a blog) and because the 3rd and 4th expansions (will be posting these soon) are probably something Brits have never seen before. Just head over to ye olde inn if you want to see the British versions in glorious technicolour. Despite my best efforts I think this is going to be uploaded upside down no matter what I do. It should be easy to rectify if you save it and view it in Adobe Reader, you can just rotate it a couple of times.

We played our game tonight as scheduled, Rogue Trader this week. I have a bunch of photos to go through and edit as usual, so look out for a battle report in the next day or two.

Thanks for stopping by.

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