Monday, 4 March 2013

Rogue Trader WIP, Honey Lyter.

This is a WIP photo of Honey Lyter, an ex-Arbites destined to join Inquisitor Beaumenteur's retinue. I got her tabletop ready for the game we played recently so she could make a cameo appearance. She needs another hour or three before I move on to another model though. Although the model is a sci-fi cop I have painted her in a colour scheme that is more 'Victorian Adventuress', a la mode de Adele Blanc-Sec.

Honey Lyter. Formerly an Arbites, now a Galactic Adventuress.

She is an EM4 mini though I noticed Copplestone Castings has one almost the same in the 'cops with handguns' pack. On closer inspection I saw that loads of the minis from both companies are almost identical with minor cosmetic differences. If anyone knows why I would be grateful if you told me the reason. It may be as simple an explanation as they are both run by Mark Copplestone, but I am hoping for an epic story of rivalry, betrayal and revenge.

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