Thursday, 7 March 2013

Welcome along! Orientation 101.


This is an informal post just to let my new members know a couple of pertinent points.

Firstly, I am very grateful whenever a person signs up as a follower. It is very inspirational, thank you.

This blog was inspired by all those Oldhammer founding fathers who have organised the Bring Out Your Lead 2013 event weekend in Nottingham. I will continue with the blog afterwards though of course, I hope that the movement will go from strength to strength and we can have annual events that will make great projects for this blog. Of course, in the meantime, I will continue to produce battle reports of Oldhammer games played by my friends and I and show you some old minis I have been inspired to paint.

My WIFE is about to give birth to our first child this month, all being well, hence the mid-life crisis I suspect. ;) I may be a bit quiet for a week or so in the near future, and when I return I will being learning how to rebalance my life to accommodate the new addition. I guarantee I will continue to improve the blog and its content and I promise not to disappear, or become obsessed with sharing my joy on the blog. I just wanted you to know I am in for the long haul, any disturbance will just be for a short while as I juggle everything around.

That's it, before you go, enjoy some cake.

Grimdark Cake.

Bunker Cake. That bridge looks absolutely vital.

Mmmm! Nurgle Cake! My favourite.

Warhammer Cake. With a twist of 'Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs'.

'Tanks' for my Russ Cake.

Bolter Cake, with extra Dakka.

Pie-Plate Paincake.

Thanks (and apologies) to the good people I stole these pics from.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well - congratulations to you sir! May it be that everything goes well during the birth - may it be that the little BOJ* is easy and grants you much sleep.

    As regards blogging, I now have a little one just shy of 11 months. All I can say is that blogging (and hobby work, and, well, just ebout everything else I do) has become sporadic, irregular and really a 'best endeavours' thing.

    But we get by :)

    Congratulations once again and God bless!


    *BOJ = Bundle Of Joy

    1. Thank you.

      Grateful for the advice. Keep it coming!

      'To getting by'. I will toast to that with you in Nottingham.

  2. I blog instead of going to club and gaming with the old crowd. Mine are 2 and 4 so don't expect day release any time soon...

    On the other hand blogging has meant I've met a new crowd who are much more willing to pander to my old lead addiction. You know they even formed a little online community just to humor me....

    Oh and kids are the best. I like posts about either gaming with kids or in spite of them. It relates to my life so don't feel hamstrung.

    1. Your blog is top drawer in the quality stakes, glad to hear your output is possible with two rampaging boys. Hope for me yet.

      My club crowd is hard work, turning them away from competitive play is a slow burner at best. I am so glad I stumbled across the Oldhammer scene.

      Your post about Goblinquest is my single most returned to and reread article I have encountered from the twenty-something blogs I follow. It was really nice seeing you have some fun as a family. I don't want to blog about a newborn though and I thought some might like reassurance about that, I will leave that to the missus and Facebook. In a few years though... Maybe Goblinquest will be in print by then?

    2. We're glad you did too. Welcome to Dadhammer.

  3. Opps Aspergers moment. Congratulations on the BOJ*.

    *See post by GAJ above

  4. In the eventful days ahead, if things get hectic, remember that your BOJ is a wargamer in training and prepare the 'nest' appropriately. My son was asked if was playing Mike the Knight at playschool, he replied with the negative and he was infact a chaos warrior!

    1. Thank you!

      I plan to get the little fella rolling a few dice as he pushes his Duplo about and catch him early. In fact, come to think of it, there is no reason why that cot mobile can't be used as a dragon vs dragon dogfight simulator.