Thursday 1 May 2014

Gearing up for my Whiskey Priest warband's first game.

Hello all! I've managed to get a few slaps of paint onto the warband designed according to Whiskey Priest's challenge. I'm not posting to show it off as such, plenty of work still to do, but I am attending Blog-Con II on Saturday with Thantsants and we are going to get a couple of games in using our respective warbands so this post is mainly so he can see what's what. No harm in sharing it with you guys too of course!

For those of you who attended the first Blog-Con with me in November and are wondering where your invitation is, I can only say this one crept up out of nowhere, sorry! May I suggest you follow the Blog-Con blog? It is now at a cool new location too, RAF Elvington the Yorkshire Air Museum, which is conveniently on my doorstep.

Anyways, on to the warband. As you may recall, the warband has a theme of my own device: It is completely assembled from models and parts that were acquired for free from friends and acquaintances of mine who abandoned Warhammer 8th edition in disgust. I wasn't able to resist the urge to use bad puns for names, sorry.

The Unwanted of Malal.

The Unwanted of Malal. 390.5 points.

A'ben Dond, Chaos Warrior. 84 points.

M 4 WS 6 BS 6 S 4 T 3 W 2 I 6 A 2 Ld 9+2 Int 8+1 Cl 8+1 WP 8+1

Dond has a 'Parasitic Blade', a suitable weapon for a follower of Malal, heavy armour, a shield and two attributes: Great Horns and Magically Resistant.

Descardo the Beastlord. 110 points.

M 4 WS 4 BS 3 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1 Ld 7 Int 8+1 Cl 8+1 WP 8+1

Descardo is a level 5 Wizard with 11 magic points but has spent 10 of them pre-game to bind the Wild Cat: Arown. He has three spells (secret I'm afraid), which he may get to cast if he is allowed time to rest, a hand weapon and Chaos Armour (5+).

The Ill-Favoured (four Thugs). 48 points.

M 4 WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 4 A 1 Ld 7 Int 7 Cl 7 WP 7

The Ill-Favoured carry a hand weapon and long bows and wear light armour with shields.

The Reviled Ones (six Beastmen). 66 points.

M 4 WS 4 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 3 A 1 Ld 7 Int 6 Cl 7 WP 6

The Reviled Ones have a hand weapon and shields. They have been blessed with Prehensile Tails as a dominant attribute.

Detritus the Goblin. 18 points.

M 4 WS 3 BS 4 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 2 Ld 5 Int 5 Cl 5 WP 5

Detritus is a level 5 Goblin Hero and leads his Despicables. He has a hand weapon, spear, bow, shield and light armour.

Detritus' Despicables (seven Chaos Goblin Cultists). 48.5 points.

M 4 WS 2 BS 3 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 3 A 1 Ld 5 Int 5 Cl 5 WP 5

The Despicables have a standard, hand weapons, spears, bows, shields and light armour.

Arown, the Wild Cat. 21 points.

M 8 WS 4 BS 0 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 4 A 2/4 Ld 4 Int 4 Cl 7 WP 7

Arown has a claw and a bite attack. When charging, Arown may leap onto an opponent with a lower initiative in the first round of combat, this doubles the claw and bite attacks.

Quite an interesting little warband. I don't think it gives good value for points in all areas but it has something to do in every phase and is very versatile having a tarpit unit (the Beastmen) to deal with unpleasant surprises, a combat unit (the Goblins surprisingly, +2 static combat resolution, two S 4 Hero attacks and a standard is murderous in a 400 point warband game!) to deliver a punch, a ranged unit to harass the enemy from afar, a potent fast unit to stop enemy marching/kill ranged troops/flank charge as necessary, a sneaky magic-user with a trick or two up his sleeves and a leader with a handy +2 Ld to bolster his cowardly troops!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Shaping up well Paul !

    I love the names (detritus has got to be my favourite). Looking forward to the report now and the pics of the finished band of course ;)

    1. Thanks mate, sometimes puns need to happen and this was one of those times. No doubt there will be a report or two and some more pictures of the finished warband soon!

  2. Nice one Paul - my favourite is Descardo. Wasn't he a He Man baddie? ; )

    Nearly there with mine - pics possibly tonight...

    1. It sounds like it should have been! Sounds a bit like Count Marzo, who was a He-man baddie. Descardo is a song by Pitbull though, according to Google.

  3. Really cool Paul, it makes me want to start work on my Kaleb Darrk

    1. Cheers Jason, really looking forward to your blog getting back in business! Kaleb next for sure!

  4. Great warband - really love the names :-).

    1. Thanks Kasper! The names were fun, not sure if anyone has got the humour in Arown yet, wasn't sure if it was obvious enough...