Wednesday 13 March 2013

WHFB3 Battle Report #2. The Well of Madness. Part Two.

Ragnir the Fated takes the first turn as he seeks to crush the Men of Cleggs Ham.

Ragnir's left whole battle-line lurches forwards.

Two of Mayor Cleggson's body guard are skewered by crude Orc arrows as Grunk's Hunters open fire.

Ragnir then orders reserve moves to close the distance, the left flank begins to manoeuvre to allow the brutal Minotaurs room to find the flesh they crave.

The heroes advance! they decide to stay together and attempt to crush Ragnir's right flank with their combined might rather than disperse amongst the Mayor's forces. The rest of the army says put to allow the heroes time to wreak havoc against the dangerous foe.

The shooting of the 2nd Militia fails to cause any casualties, with their reserve moves the heroes close the distance between them and the Darksouls further.

Ragnir's forces continue the advance, except for the Hunters who stand still to steady their aim.

North of the road the Darksouls angle towards Saul and his doughty comrades, on the road itself the Blackshields march directly at the 2nd Militia with Ragnir urging them on. 

Reserve moves enable the Raiders to set their battle-lines. They can scent their prey now.

The Minotaurs have a clear run at the enemy now, their nostrils flare and their red eyes gleam with hatred.

The Darksouls try to narrow the adventurers options with careful positioning.

Uncaring of strategy, the adventurers race at the Darksouls as fast as they can. These accursed traitors must be made to pay for their crimes.

Mayor Cleggson finally orders one of his regiments forward, the Bretonnian mercenaries! Though unhappy at being pushed out in front they have no choice to obey. Their task is to break through the Beastmen and threaten the Minotaur's rear.

The Red Hand raise Ragnir's Skull Totem high and bray defiantly at the approaching mercenaries.

The 2nd Militia finally cause some casualties with their bows, two of the Blackshields keel over clutching at the arrow shafts penetrating their bodies.

The Bretonnians jeer back. "Eeyore! Eeyore!" (there was some player banter at this stage...)

The mercenaries are able to get close to the Red Hand with a reserve move.

At the same time, Toin Deepwater joins Saul and Fingers in facing the Darksouls. Lazarus attempts to cast Dispirit on the Darksouls but cannot stop the power from slipping through his grasp as the turncoats shrug off the effects.

Join us once more as battle is joined in Part Three of, The Well of Madness!

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