Tuesday, 16 December 2014

D&D session 4.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Our merry band of PCs are working their way through the 5th edition starter set.

The Players:

Tholas Longfeather the Chosen, a barbarian outlander and unparalleled fighter. He searches for answers and the unnatural raiders who killed his tribe.

Stepano di Maturin, a former pirate turned fighter. He seeks revenge and a lost comrade.

Fugran Rocksplitter, a former mercenary looking to help out his cousins, the Rockseekers, in their hour of need.

Reed Alderleaf, a former member of the Redbrand gang who has returned to bring some frontier justice to those who tried to murder him.

Riardon Silverlight, an elven wizard and fellow of the Temple of Knowledge in Neverwinter. He has rededicated the lost altar of Oghma in Neverwinter Wood and a new candle of civilisation and reason, however small, burns brightly in the darkness once more thanks to him.

Burgem Gabriel, a cleric of Selune and shepherd to the flock of Phandalin. She seeks to establish a diocese that will bring healing and succour to the folk of the Twilit Lands.

Marker of Thundertree, an archer and folk hero. He seeks to drive out the dragon of Thundertree and thus bring peace and prosperity to his home once more.

Varis, an elven warlock. She seeks to earn the right to bear the mantle of adulthood.

Session 4 begins in the general location of Wave Echo Cave. After a bit of searching the party picks up on a faint rhythmic noise that helps in locating the entrance. There are no tidal rivers in this part of the Sword Mountains but there must be some sort of underground watercourse that resonates through the old mine.

Wave Echo Cave by Mike Schley.

The next discovery is a grisly one, Fugran is chagrined mightily by the sight of his cousin's week-old corpse just inside the entrance. Tharden died ignobly with a knife in his back and Fugran swears vengeance.

Image from Stonehaven's Kickstarter.

The party explore the first chamber and connecting passageways thoroughly, some of them picking up an uneasy sense of being followed. After some attempts at catching sight of whatever is tracking them and laying traps one eagle-eyed PC sees a ripple on the floor and talk turns to jellies. A pouch of lantern oil and a torch rigged as a trap badly wounds whatever it is and it flees back into the maze of tunnels. For now...

Originally hosted at the Darkened North wiki.

The PCs reach a room of feasting ghouls. These weaker runts have been pushed out to the edge of their territory to pick at old bone piles that have been worked over already and subsequently don't put up much of a fight. This leads to near-fatal overconfidence later...

Originally hosted by Rich Green.

Not wishing to leave any potential enemy behind them (in addition to the jelly) the company's fighters insist on scouting out the original, now collapsed, entrance before moving deeper into the mine. With the help of Varis' caution and keen eyes the party avoid a potentially nasty ambush by 20 Stirges. Instead they catch the sleeping bloodthirsty beasts in a magical conflagration as Varis and Riardon combine spells to overwhelm all the enemy at once.

Torchbearer (Stirge-inspired beastie) by Dave Petersen.

Unfortunately, the only reward for such cleverness is two 8 strong columns of skeletons marching in from adjoining tunnels to investigate all the noise! To be fair, the three fighters really did roll very good stats and I have to be quite mean to even challenge the relatively large party. Without the Stirges joining in, the fight is very one-sided and ends with more piles of bones littering the floor of Wave Echo Cave. Fugran tracks down an old pay chest with his dwarven nose for coin and the party are well pleased.

Skeleton Army by Jeff Brennan.

The next encounter is an altogether different affair, the company sneak up on some more ghouls and elect simply to charge in rather than properly use the element of surprise. The last lot of ghouls were weakened runts and this misinformation gives the heroes a false sense of security. As this larger pack of fitter ghouls led by a ghast threaten to wipe out the entire group nervous exchanges between the players turn to outright desperation before a well-timed second wind/action surge brings down the ghast and signals a collapse for the monsters. Victorious (but exhausted and suitably chastened) the group withdraws to rest and recuperate.

Ghoul pack by Carlos Garcia Rivera.

Time for plan b!

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

D&D session 3.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Our merry band of PCs are working their way through the 5th edition starter set.

The Players:

Tholas Longfeather the Chosen, a barbarian outlander and unparalleled fighter. He searches for answers and the unnatural raiders who killed his tribe.

Stepano di Maturin, a former pirate turned fighter. He seeks revenge and a lost comrade.

Fugran Rocksplitter, a former mercenary looking to help out his cousins, the Rockseekers, in their hour of need.

Reed Alderleaf, a former member of the Redbrand gang who has returned to bring some frontier justice to those who tried to murder him.

Riardon Silverlight, an elven wizard and fellow of the Temple of Knowledge in Neverwinter. He has rededicated the lost altar of Oghma in Neverwinter Wood and a new candle of civilisation and reason, however small, burns brightly in the darkness once more thanks to him.

Burgem Gabriel, a cleric of Selune and shepherd to the flock of Phandalin. She seeks to establish a diocese that will bring healing and succour to the folk of the Twilit Lands.

Marker of Thundertree, an archer and folk hero. He seeks to drive out the dragon of Thundertree and thus bring peace and prosperity to his home once more.

Varis, an elven warlock. She seeks to earn the right to bear the mantle of adulthood.

Session 3 began with the players about to clear out the last two areas of Cragmaw castle left unexplored, the easternmost towers. Given his recent service to the God Oghma, Riardon is gifted with a vision of great danger as he approaches the south-east tower. The vision shows him two futures, one of a puzzle being solved and a golden reward, the other of a bloody and ruinous end for the party. After much creeping and listening at keyholes the group open the door a crack and peer through, they discover a mated pair of owlbears being kept for breeding by the erstwhile Cragmaw goblins. Fortunately the PCs quickly toss in some salted beef rations and scatter out of the way as the owlbears emerge. The first encounter resolved without bloodshed! Generous XP all round, not to mention the hidden treasure.

Moving on to the final location (which they knew would contain the Cragmaw boss King Grol thanks to an epic amount of goblin water-boarding previously) they steeled themselves for a much harder encounter. I had Targor Bloodsword in the room waiting to give a report to Grol of his victory over some elves while Neznar's emissary negotiated a price for Gundren and the map. Yeemik was also there, having delivered a much elaborated and embellished version of the events at the Cragmaw hideout to Grol's court.

After another success by Reed in sneaking the door open the fight began with a couple of surprise arrows from Marker and Reed and continued from there to go well for the party. The Doppelganger emissary tried to escape early but was caught and killed. Grol put up more of a fight but his retinue didn't have a lot of luck and he was forced to fight to the death. I didn't try to squeeze too much out of the Doppelganger, mainly because I had some cheeky ideas for a later encounter with one in Wave Echo Cave that I didn't want to undermine but also because I didn't see the emissary having the will to do much else but try and scarper in this situation (with that many PCs piling through the door!).

Grol's loot was divided up and Cragmaw Castle was declared free of monsters!

A battered Gundren was freed and his tale filled in a few blanks for the party. They understood better that the Rockseeker brothers had rediscovered a lost mine and were on the verge of reopening it as a very profitable enterprise when they had fallen foul of a rival, the Black Spider (Neznar). All the bush-whacking, dwarf-hunting and map-stealing by the Black Spider had been to keep the mine to himself as a secret.

The party escorted Gundren back to Phandalin where he took up residence in the Stonehill Inn. An agreement was reached with his cousin, Fungran, that if the party recaptured the mine from the Black Spider and returned it to Gundren the adventuring company would be entitled to a ten per cent stake in the business. Not too shabby at all, so the PCs took to the road once more. On their way out of town they were accosted by a large group of rough-looking ne'er-do-wells, the Redbrands. The general tone from the ruffians was 'don't come back' but I made sure the party were angered sufficiently to want to come back and deal with this lot later.

On! Southward, to Wave Echo Cave!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Battle of Gretchen. 25/10/14

A group of us descended on Slayer Gaming for the second time to conclude the saga of Deathfist and Baron Kraust's rivalry. Scroll on down to see the results!

Although this was nominally a set piece battle between two established rivals, everyone was given a piece of paper with personal (and sometimes competing) goals that if met would constitute a 'success'. Players were also encouraged to tell their own story and plenty of freedom was given to the individuals involved (ie enough rope to hang themselves!)

A large group of ogre mercenaries with a 'distinctive-looking' mercenary giant in tow makes up the left flank of the army attacking Kraust's village, Gretchen. With the Deathfist late for his own battle his allies decide to launch the assault without him so as not to waste the element of surprise.

A whole tribe of Fimir had even been enticed to leave the fens and march with the invaders.

Gretchen's populace go about their daily business unaware of the impending attack. Deals are struck, animals are led to market and the inn is bustling. The shambling undead haunting the outskirts of the village are nothing unusual either, the folk simply turn a blind eye.

Despite the best efforts of the greedy mercenaries the Baron is far from surprised, his footsteps have too long been dogged by Khorne's lackeys and their allies, so by his command traps are laid and troops are summoned to the field. A cyclopean giant is in the van while hordes of rotting zombies and skeletons form the main body of Kraust's force.

From his vantage point at the highest window of Goethesturm Tower Kraust surveys the ground over which the battle will be fought and schemes up a plan.

Goethesturm. How much blood has been spilled in it's shadow? How many lives ended under it's baleful gaze? How many howls of pain and grief have echoed from it's walls?

The Chaos champion 'Doomed Ratchragged enters Gretchen as an ally of the Deathfist under the patronage of his erratic God 'Wenwoch the Waylayer'. As Ratchragged utters a devout prayer to Wenwoch the capricious spirit perversely steals all his weapons in lieu of an answer. Such is the nature of Chaos!

Bryan the troll ambles forward as the Deathfist finally arrives, leading his Chosen. He takes up a position behind the ogres on the extreme opposite to Kraust in his tower, a costly blunder which will make killing his long-time rival next to impossible!

Swarms of bats pour out from their lairs in the thatched attics of Gretchen's outlying farms. They ambush Kraust's enemies, weakening them and more crucially still slow them down.

From out of the sky swoops a terrible Spined Dragon. What awful pact was made with the beast to gain it's trust we shall never know. Ulther Deathfist's allies summon a horde of lesser daemons that coalesce into a single, horrible beast-daemon. An epic struggle begins on the ground but after the interference of a powerful ogre which lands a flurry of blows on the dragon the pair of titans take to their wings to finish the duel aloft.

Nearby, Slake-Sin's Throng of Exquisite Pleasure leaps forth from a warp-rift seeking battle with their thrice-accursed enemies; the followers of Khorne. The Slaaneshi troll takes a long look over the field of battle, slowly panning his gaze from left to right and taking in all the unfolding drama. "Wot a load ov crap" he exclaims, and promptly walks away never to be seen again.

Kraust's giant 'Harryhausen' stomps forward on his cloven hooves at the head of a mighty host of the undead. He bites the head off a Chaos champion and hurls the body over his shoulder, which clears a farmhouse and narrowly misses the Fimir. The surviving Chaos warriors exchange glances before taking flight as one.

His rival bellows a challenge, shaking the rafters of an unfortunate Kraustian farmer! With a swing of his massive club the 'milk-complexioned' big fellow kills his one-eyed opponent with a single blow! His triumphant warcry thunders out across the battlefield but the undead have no hearts to chill.

On the right flank of the invasion force more mercenary ogres skirmish in the haunted woods with a wight.

Back on the left flank the Deathfist and his Chosen are set upon by two giant spiders and a bruising melee erupts.

Ulther Deathfist's Chaos Dwarf artillerymen launch a barrage of fire on the nest from which the spiders are emerging. It is a saturation rather than a precision bombardment however and mortar shells and bazooka rounds land all over Gretchen.

Ratchragged dismounts after slaying a few peasants and begins to loot Gretchen. Perhaps he is looking for a new weapon! After a few more hasty prayers to Wenwoch go unanswered the God finally decides intervene once more as he sets off a magical null vortex which destroys magic items and saps magical power from mages in the area. Bryan the troll goes beserk and slays many enemy warriors.

A wild chase through the narrow alleys of Gretchen begins as a chariot careens carelessly into innocent bystanders. A raging fire, started by stray shells from the mortar, breaks out in the centre of the village.

Coppermain the Meargh and Tarpot-Smite the Dirach lead their Fimm against the numberless foe.

Being on the other side of the village, Kraust's necromantic allies escape Wenwoch's null vortex and summon still more undead troops. The enormous resulting plague of undead wipes out the entire tribe of Fimir!

Slake-Sin helps secure Goethesturm as the invader's right flank collapses.

Deathfist lands blow after blow on the giant spiders but cannot prevail. Suddenly a shadow passes over the struggle as another conflict is played out overhead. The flying daemonic beast has it's heart torn from it's chest by the Spined Dragon and it's corpse falls to earth where it explodes in a volcanic shower of evil energy. The only other casualty is a nearby ghost, it's soul is wrenched into hell alongside those of the composite beast-daemon. Fire and magic is poured into the badly wounded dragon and it too succumbs, plummeting straight down onto the Deathfist. An uncanny explosion of dragon fire mixes with the poison of the two squashed giant spiders and causes a wave of chemical death to billow out from the dragon's corpse causing untold casualties.

A surviving giant spider leaps down onto some invaders from a rooftop, this is too much for the attackers who turn and flee sparking a general rout in the centre.

Only the chariot crew continue their gruesome business unaffected. The flames begin to spread.

Ratchragged has fought his way across Gretchen and confronts Kraust's hordes on the eastern side. Offering an impassioned final plea to Wenwoch the Waylayer Ratchragged is rewarded with the sight of his God swinging out a gnarled claw and back-handedly slapping an enemy phantom, destroying it in a shower of ectoplasm!

The mercenary enchanter 'Tim' and his bodyguard 'Wulf' have fought the same regiment of skeletons all battle long. Both remain unwounded as the battle draws to a close and the concept of a 'tarpit' unit is turned on it's head!

Slake-Sin's bodyguard and the centaur unit crash into what little of the invaders can be mustered on the right flank. The centaurs slaughter some chaos warriors while the giant's wounds multiply. The battle paused for a confused moment as a Slaaneshi warrior has a sudden epiphany and pulls aside his codpiece revealing a ghastly, green phallus. Stricken with horror, the giant and even the Slaaneshite's comrades are unable to muster the wherewithal to strike a blow. "BEHOLD! For I am reborn this day as 'Green Helmet the Exposer', this name I shall bear henceforth! Tremble at the thought of what adventures might lie before me!"

Individual acts of fortitude are not enough for the invaders to prevail, Kraust looks out upon an emptying field of battle as the day draws to a close. A day of death and slaughter has been the price for defending his domain against the Deathfist who finally turns his back upon his enemy forever, swearing never to return. What vile ends will Baron Kraust pursue now he is unchallenged!

"Kraust watched as his allies departed. There goes the ambitious necromancer, his reward was more knowledge than he earned but less than he yearned for. There goes the Eldritch Knight, his reward was a tome that would be his gateway to eternal life, and eternal servitude. There goes the Slaaneshite, it's reward was a single human female from Gretchen. This naturally puzzled the Baron and stirred his suspicion though he granted the boon freely. Only time would tell whether the decision would have repercussions. He turned from the window and looked at his long abandoned study. Time to return to his work. Time to make the living suffer!"

Big thanks go once more to Slayer Gaming for hosting us. Many, many thanks to all those who took part, it means a lot to me to see happy, smiling faces around a gaming table. Finally, thanks also to the bakery across the road!

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Don't stop moving baby.

Hi guys, long time no see! I have finally finished renovating/moving house and as I type I am sat in the new man cave, oh happy days! Things are almost back to normal. I am aiming to kickstart the blog by doing something for Erny's Orctober and by the end of the month I will have a new battle report for you as we are getting together for Night of the Living Lead II on the 25th.



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Friday, 12 September 2014

Night of the Living Lead II, coming soon.

Hi all, NotLL II is coming up fast (October the 25th) so I thought I'd better start publishing some narrative and generally whipping up a frenzy of excitement.

Night of the Living Lead II, Return to Kraust.

The Barony of Kraust is a bleak, shrouded domain in an unremarkable corner of the Empire. The wan sunlight rarely breaks through the clouds even in the height of summer. The birds do not herald the dawn nor do they sing to each other in the spring. The folk are superstitious, shunning strangers and locking themselves in tight at night. Squatting on a hill, the Baron’s tower sits cold and dark yet overshadowing all.

Tonight, for the first time in a year a single light appears at the topmost window of Goethesturm, Kraust's baronial tower, and the people of Gretchen village cannot look away in spite of their fear. They are almost relieved the nerve-shredding wait is finally over. Their dread master has returned.

One year ago the men of Kleinetotehierstadt poured into Kraust and set in motion a spiraling saga of death and revenge such as they could not have guessed at. They destroyed Baron Kraust’s phylactery, for he is that rare breed of monster known to the trembling imperials by the name ‘Liche’, and they stopped a ritual so obscene as to turn the bowels of any sane being to water. Yet the Baron himself persevered, for is not the power of life and death his to command?

So began the Baron’s exile. Remaking a phylactery is an especially hard task and doing so whilst in a weakened state, vulnerable to the horrors that roam the dark folds of this world, is a terrible risk. The Baron did not hesitate nor turn aside. Along the way dark bargains were struck, ancient debts were repaid and fierce enemies were made.

Thus it is that even as the Baron, reborn, ends his flight and returns to the seat of his power he knows he is a hunted thing yet. Forces gather on the borders of Kraust, some will hope to strike the Baron down before he becomes unstoppable while some will hope to win the Baron’s favour by bearing arms in his name, but one is here for one reason alone and damn those who get in his way to bloody ruin.

The Deathfist is here for revenge.

We have quite a few players already but the more the merrier so don't be afraid to sign up either here on this blog, on G+, or on Facebook.

The venue is Slayer Gaming in Mansfield. Their address is...

Unit 41-42
Old Mill lane Industrial estate
NG19 9BG
Mansfield Woodhouse

Once on the estate circle around to your right to find the row with units 41-42 on. There is ample free parking. For breakfast/second breakfast/brunch/lunch, there is a bakery very close that stays open until after lunch and coffee, sweets and pop are available in store. There are a couple of supermarkets within a couple of minutes drive.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

5th edition D&D, the Lost Mine part two.

SPOILER ALERT. If you are at all likely to play any 5th edition D&D as a PC please stop reading and click away now!

We have decided to play through the new D&D starter set at the club, a return for the classic RPG after a two decade absence, and possibly the new adventures as they are released too. I'll put the outline of the ongoing adventure up here after each session, mainly as a reminder for myself and the players but also because anyone interested can read it too. This is what happened in our second session.

The players (several obsessive types are still struggling to name their character):

Human Cleric played by T.

Elven Cleric played by W.

Mr Rockseeker the Dwarven Fighter and his best friend the Elven Wizard, both played by I.

Human Barbarian played by MB.

Human Fighter (Archer) played by D.

Reed Alderleaf the Halfling Rogue played by MT.

Human Fighter (ex-pirate) played by P.

Wood Elf Warlock played by J.

What happened next...

Having cleared out the Cragmaw's hideout (more by luck than design) the party camp overnight at the Phandalin turning on the Triboar Trail. J and P arrive, drawn by the firelight, having been on the road from Neverwinter to Phandalin. They heard about the opportunities down south from gossip in the refugee camp and want a piece of the action for themselves.

While the introductions are made a problem arises with the badly guarded prisoners. Yeemik the goblin boss struggles free from his bonds and escapes, but not before finishing off the hated Klarg with a coup de grace (the other goblin prisoner had to 'go' to, can't have witnesses).

Having healed Sildar Hallwinter of the injuries sustained during his imprisonment by the goblins the party listen to his tale. Mr Rockseeker is greatly upset that his cousin, Gundren, has been moved off to Cragmaw Castle in the Neverwinter Wood. The party are all for rushing off blind into the woods at first light but Sildar convinces them to escort the caravan and himself back to Phandalin where he can furnish them with a proper map. Reluctantly they agree and on arrival practically snatch their caravan guard pay out of Barthen's hands before jogging off towards King Grol's lair with Sildar's map.

A bit of mixed quality map-reading later and the party find the castle in the evening. Naturally talk is of an immediate assault. Thankfully D's archer is restrained from rashly shooting at a goblin that briefly peeps out of an arrow slit. After this scare the party wisely decides to reconnoitre the castle exterior and settle upon taking a crack at the south door.

Reed gets them all in without a hitch but the party then stumbles into eight goblins preparing a meal. P's ex-pirate wisely calls for the 'big fat one' to be killed first and the rest duly surrender. The barbarian continues with his penchant for slitting prisoners throats however and the party will find that it now has a reputation among the evil denizens of the Savage Frontier which will make it highly improbable that enemies will surrender in future.

From the mess hall the party take a methodical, clockwise route through the castle. They do well apart from D's archer who casually trips a cave-in trap which almost kills him and alerts a number of enemy to their presence. P's ex-pirate is very brave and willing but possibly over-reaches himself (ie. reaches 0 hit points three times).

I's wizard finds the despoiled altar to Oghma his visions showed him and reconsecrates it after a short battle with the attendant priest to the satisfaction of all.

A tense battle with an especially large Grick serves as a suitable climax and the party have only two rooms left to explore, the north-east tower (which a dying goblin reliably informed them is where Gundren is being kept) and the south-east tower...

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Friday, 15 August 2014

When shall we meet (sic) again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurly-burly's done, When the battle's lost and won.

Aaaah, Bring Out Your Lead 2014. Good times. The title probably makes more sense for those who were there, so if you don't get it, why weren't you there? Hmm? Make sure you come next time!

It was wonderful to see the event grow so much in 12 short months. Thanks must go to everyone out there who make the scene what it is, a vibrant and exciting gathering of passionate gamers, painters and collectors, but especially to Orlygg, Gaj and the Ansells.

Let's look at a few photos then, not too many, just some you may not have already seen or those I need to illustrate a thought.

The Ansells set up a wonderful marquee for us complete with bar and display cooler. No doubt an acquisition for the Stoke Hall weddings side of the business. This gave us plenty of room to spread out and proved ideal in both hot and wet weather.

On the left as you entered was Whiskey Priest's excellent 'Ferrograd' table. Truly a sight to behold, positively teeming with beautiful scenery. Lots of fantastic games took place in Ferrograd over the weekend, check out the blogosphere, Facebook or the Oldhammer Plus G+ community for multiple reports.

The little details bring Ferrograd to life, such as posters, graffiti and store signs.

On the right as you entered, the classic table which seems to be everyone's favourite. This time it had an exquisite gothic village square set up on it, I was lucky enough to get a game in on this table later on which I'll come back to.

The madness that was the siege game! I despaired at the approach taken to this particular game (there was far too much emphasis placed on precision and slavish adherence to the rules and not enough good-humoured improvisation to speed things up) but despite my minor criticisms I have to say the happy faces plastered onto the participants for three straight days made this game virtually irreproachable!

The objective, an enormous walled city. The defences were pretty solid and well thought out and the 'Siege' book has walls and towers virtually indestructible to damage from petty catapults and bolt throwers (which was all the attackers seemed to have) but nobody on the bad guys side seemed to mind. Even the inclusion of some pretty beefy giants couldn't make a difference!

An attacker's eye view.

A nice shot of the city walls as the attacker's lines hit a high water mark. Note the excellent bar in the background which is where we were supplied with all our hot food and beer!

A great shot of the evil army with the classic giant at the head about to be met by a sally of elite knights from the city. There was action aplenty thanks to delaying tactics like this but I still think the evil army deployment was too far away to be considered fair (their artillery was well out of range of the walls and just sat there getting comprehensively flattened by an air cavalry brigade) and the game unfortunately lacked an independent GM who could have made such a difference to the pace of the game. A shocking oversight! If I sound critical remind yourself that this game was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part, I only mention these things because this size of game is likely to be common as Oldhammer events take off around the world and there really was a lot to be learnt from this experience.

The main building itself was looking remarkably cosy considering the amount of time the Ansells have had to get prepared. There were four rooms filled with racks of Wargames Foundry blisters, three of which had gaming tables set up too. There are also very nice loos beyond the archway in this picture, important for a three-day event! The talented and charming Tony Yates set up in this room and delighted his public with dozens of sketches and anecdotes.

One of the Oldhammer founding fathers, the author of Warhammer for Adults, thrills a young crowd of enthralled newcomers with tales of yore.

The Goblinmaster himself was on hand with a sackful of greens to chat to anyone interested in the art of making a perfect gobbo. One more room beyond which I didn't photograph as it was just more blisters.

Another nook of a room, behind the marquee. A very suitable cubby-hole for a quiet game away from the crowds.

There follows a snap of each shelf of the display cabinets. All the minis from last year were rotated out for fresh ones from Bryan's 80,000 strong Citadel collection.

A shot of my 'army' (only two units) going into battle. I was up against a couple of Chaos warbands who struggled against the static combat resolution of my infantry block (I have written about this before) but fortunately we had an excellent GM on hand to keep the game balanced and free-flowing.

A cinematic high point of the game, my emerging hero and some followers leave the church only to be ambushed by sundry chaotics! After the game my 'champion' lost the use of his legs only to gain levitation. Most of his followers shrunk to a tiny size and he now keeps them in a bag and uses them to perform minor tasks on the battlefield. If I can find a suitable 'levitating knight' figure you may see him back again next year! Suggestions welcome.

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