Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lacking time, any time at all, even like, just half an hour. I will do someone a small favour instead of an actual hobby post.

Hi blogfans. I'm promoting a blog today. A chap doing the same warband challenge as many of us but with a dearth of followers. It sucks when you're in that bloglimbo so check his toys out and follow. Incidentally, I noticed recently that blogger freaks out sometimes when you try to follow a new bl.. (I'm saying blog too much) but you can fix this by clicking on the overlapping squares symbol and using the different follow button that pops up. Anyway, follow the link please.


This post was brought to you by Cthuloops, insanely delicious cereal.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hang on a minute, that sounds...OK.

I must confess, an email from GW had me tempted to spend my money for the first time in several years, have a look at this Warhammer World event pack for the 31st of May. Tickets are thirty-odd notes I think.

Regiment of Renown.

I am starting to notice a trend developing at GW towards occasionally acknowledging the old days, I'm cynical about it but who knows, might be worth keeping an eye on.

Anyone else tempted or have my rose-tinted specs slipped down over my eyes again?

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Building a warband challenge II.

While I was mining the lead piles for suitable warband minis to use to answer Whiskey Priest's warband challenge a heretical thought wormed it's way into my unshielded mind; why not have a look through those boxes of plastic crap? All the leftovers and dross I've acquired over the years because I thought they might come in handy for conversions, if I were to look through there, why, I could create a warband with miniatures I got for free.. from people leaving the hobby in disgust! Bwahahaha!

So here it is, having replaced the original model for a new leader, I present to you my 21 strong warband of entirely free and discarded miniatures. Nice!

You see Skull pass Gobbos, I see Chaos Goblins in cultist robes! What colour should I go for, red?

Four Chaos Thugs with bows.

Six Beastmen. Note the one with the weird head, I added a 'smoke-cloud' head from the wizard sprue in a fit of whimsy. Hoping it's going to look nice and mutated once the paint goes on.

Chaos Sorcerer and his Chaotic Host 'Wild Cat' from Warhammer Armies. The Sorcerer is a Rackham sculpt I believe and the Wild Cat is from an Elven chariot kit.

My new champ, he was just a Crom body with no head or arms when I got him. I threw him together with some plastics to use as an NPC in a game I GM'd a couple of years back and haven't used him since, now I will lavish a bit more attention on him.

So there you have it! The Warhammer scene in Harrogate might be in dire straits but it feels good to rescue some unloved toys and get them back on the painting table and hopefully the tabletop too someday.

Check out the original challenge.

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