Thursday 27 October 2016

Mordheim: City of the Lead @ BOYL 2017

I have to bust this one out early as the rest of the month is jam-packed so it's now or never. I will go back to improve this one and pep the base up (will do that for all the minis at the same time I reckon so it looks cohesive).

Another model from Foundry's time warped wizards pack. This chap will be my warband leader and has the best kit (pistol, sword, helmet, armour and back-up mace).

All the models will be WYSIWYG and conform to the 500 crown limit, I'll so a halfway post with more details in January. I loved painting this one, wish I'd had more time this month to do a more complete job but I am running the Night of the Living Lead event at Foundry this weekend and my D&D campaigns have been demanding my painting time to the point where it wasn't possible.

I did a better job on the sample mini I was lucky enough to receive from macrocosm to celebrate their new Kickstarter, Dwarves at Arms. There are only three days to go so grab a look now if you haven't already. Dwarves at Arms (plus ogres and halflings too!)

I'll be using the dwarf, Lord Warmbread Saynsbury (it was supposed to be Warbeard but his Dad was too drunk to chisel properly when he registered the birth), as a cleric of Valaya and liason for the mercenary forces hoping to keep the forces of evil at bay in Saturday's game.

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