Thursday 31 March 2016

Tale of Four Oldhammerers progress report.

The end of March heralds the end of month seven in the painting challenge. Month seven! Only three more months remain before the end of the project. Here are the tallies so far (some of the values are estimates due to mediocre record keeping on behalf of others!). :p

After a thorough audit, James benefits from the recount most, regaining a point lost when I missed a post of his in January.

Paul: Total Points Painted=743. Monthly Average=106. Overall Challenge Score=14.

Chico Total Points Painted=683. Monthly Average=98 Overall Challenge Score=9

James: Total Points Painted=470. Monthly Average=67. Overall Challenge Score=9

Steve Total Points Painted=520. Monthly Average=74. Overall Challenge Score=8

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Thursday 24 March 2016

A Tale of Four Oldhammerers: Month Seven.

After coasting for a couple of months after the birth of our new daughter I needed to get back into painting skeletons. Getting 6 done may not sound like much but it breaks the back of the task, leaving me only 10 more to paint in the final three months of the challenge, phew!

Not that it has been a chore, I have really fallen back in love with the undead over the course of this project and I am looking forward to getting in some games with these chaps at BOYL. From there, I will be able to use the army at my club for games of 3rd, 5th and 6th editions, which have all come back into fashion recently.

I even made time to repaint a few shields, improving the look of them slightly. My freehand skills just aren't ready yet, more practice is the way forward but in the mean time I want a simple look I can replicate easily for these guys. I opted for some basic heraldic quartering; it goes slightly against the principle of painting rag tag individuals that I started with but it has made me happy.

This week's additions, 4 skeletons; 3 with hand weapon/shield 1 with spear/shield at 11 points and 12 points each respectively, a standard bearer with light armour for the Grim Reapers at 26 points and a L5 'Charnel Warrior' skeleton champion (for the hw/s skeletons) at 32 points. Total: 101 points for the month.

The progress so far, 752 points. With the latest skellies added in the force is starting to look like a proper army at last! :)

I am posting a week early this month so no points tally for the others yet, I will update with another post at the end of the month.

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