Thursday 29 August 2013

The Battle of Broken Barrow. Part Three.


Part One.

Part Two.

Thantsants' POV.

Thantsants' POV part two.

It all comes down to the next few turns! The next photo shows quite a bit of action. The two warband Ogres try to get stuck into the Orc archers and end up just getting stuck. The need to kill off 25% of the enemy before you can cause a rout test can make for the occasional tar pit. Vigareux and Grollo are even pushed back after one of the rounds of combat which was just enough to completely spoil the entrance of the Beastmen into the fray. Lord Savage himself attempts to charge the Shaman, Maliss Grobhurtz (and help the Undead take a huge step towards their victory conditions), but unwittingly crosses the line of a wind blast spell that is holding the skeleton infantry crossing the road at bay. The charge is failed and Maliss escapes his doom! The skeleton infantry near the Black Orcs turn to face the confused Orc General (who is failing/passing/failing/passing his Ld/Cl tests and kind of doing a need-a-wee dance on the spot) as his death is mandatory. Inevitably the fleeing Black Orcs rally on the table edge and reform facing the skeleton infantry's rear.

"Why did da skellingtons cross da road? Dey bleedin didnt cos I magicked em din I!" 
~ Maliss Grobhurtz, Orc Shaman

The Giant fails to rally and is duly scoffed by the ravenous Chimaera. The unit of skeletons that scared him off are free to turn towards the rear of the two Orc units threatening the graveyard but the Shaman's zone spells are keeping them back for the time being. The zombies have occupied the graveyard as a further delaying tactic and Mausolus can just be seen hovering around the opposite entrance. The Dark Elves from Savage's warband are taking potshots at Warboss Rob'imsum.

"Skellies to da lefta me. Skellies to da righta me. Skellies be'ind me. Vollied an shot at by bleedin elf pansies, will dis boar and ero fall, me wat barely fort at all?" ~ Orc Warboss Toady Rob'imsum.

The archers finally break and run, Lord Savage desperately tries to get his Ogre minions to restrain their pursuit so the warband can make it's way towards the forest but no-one gets between an Ogre and his lunch, not even their beloved master. The Black Orcs have pulled themselves together nicely and are making short work of their erstwhile tormentors.

"Vigareux! Grollo! Get back here you intolerable pair of vomitous, walking rugs!" ~ Lord Savage.

Just as all seems lost for the Orcs on their left flank fate intervenes once more. The Orc General is proving impervious to the Elven crossbow bolts, despite being rooted to the spot by indecision. The Shaman, Maliss, is able to upskirts and hide amongst the now victorious Black Orcs. Victory is slipping through Mausolus' bony fingers!

"Duz dat sownd like da boss ta yoo?" ~ Grollo.
"I dunno, less finish ittin deez litluns an den go an find owt." ~ Vigareux.

Over by the graveyard things look OK for the Undead. The Chimaera (immune to zone spells) has turned the tide of battle and killed his second  Orc regiment of the day. With the Giant that makes about 50 times his own body weight in dead enemy. He has wounded Fillhar Dring and is leisurely pursuing him; so close to achieving one of the victory conditions. The Undead cavalry are long vanquished, that's just a poorly packed away casualty you see poking his skull out.

"Gerrimoffgerrimoffgerrimoff!!!" ~ Fillhar Dring, Orc Shaman.

Lord Savage, the Ogres and the Beastmen are trying to sneak off quietly while the Elves are still flinging bolts uselessly at Warboss Toady. Maliss is perfectly safe in the unit of Black Orcs and the vicinity is distinctly lacking in the serious number of skeletons needed to dig him out.


Warboss Toady finally has a brainwave; charge the Elves because they don't cause fear! Bizarrely he is unable to hurt any of the nimble Elves and actually receives a nick in return. Is there time to kill off the Orc General and take a step closer to victory? The windblown skeletons close in on the Black Orcs, mussed hair and all, one failed fear test here could be the key to an unlikely win for Mausolus.

"Never mind that tempting flank charge beasties! It's time to leave town in a hurry!" ~ Lord Savage.

My best hope of killing an Orc character crumbles as the Orc ladz near the graveyard elect to save their beloved Shaman by passing a fear test and charging the Chimaera. Anyway, as it turns out the Orc General survives the next round of combat with the Elves and the Black Orcs pass their fear test.

"Cheers lads! (*SNARL*, *SLASH*) Er, good luck! (*CRUNCH*, *SNAP*) Bye then!" 
~ Fillhar Dring, Orc Shaman.

Darkness shrouds the field of battle. Mausolus is in firm control of the graveyard and the entrance to his lair but he has failed to kill off the Orc leadership which would have scattered the goblinoid menace forever. The Orcs don't have the relic and though Lord Savage's warband survived the battle without taking a single casualty they failed to escape in time. Final result: Draw!

Thankfully, Mausolus is fairly sanguine about the days events and invites Savage downstairs for a bottle of wine before handing him a spare copy of 'Lichedom for Beginners'. 'That might come in handy', thinks Savage before setting off through the forest to the proving grounds.

"Phew! Back from da mouth o hell." ~ Warboss Toady, on his return home.

The End.

That was a 2000 point battle which was fought over roughly five hours. I learned a few lessons that might come in handy if I GM a game in the future but all in all it went very well indeed and was incredible fun.

I will throw up a couple of 'armies on parade' shots after this weekend is out of the way.

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  1. Simply great, I've enjoyed every bit of this report! I'm eager to see more soon!

    1. I'm very glad Suber, thanks for taking the time to read it. There will be lots more battles to come, it's a real stroke of luck having Thantsants so close and the Yorkshire Oldhammer cell seems to be taking off too.

  2. Fantastic back and forth, probably the most entertaining draw I've ever seen.

    1. It was incredibly satisfying too, even though it was a draw. Quite a rollercoaster to play, as you say!

  3. Oops - behind again.

    Well, dese word fingys is 'ard to do 'an all dat. Give's an 'onest Orc pains in da 'ead they does.

    Anywayz - wot dis 'ere bony bloke sez - only we wernt scared or nuffink!

    I can see a busy week of blogging next week once I have the Oldhammer weekend under my belt...

    1. You might have to extend your hols by a week, I'm sure work will understand!