Tuesday 3 December 2013

Fayana and the Dance of Death.

I'm often accused of many things (selective hearing, flippancy and hiding in the shed whenever there is DIY to be done to name but a few) but these foul slanders are obviously from people too feeble-minded and feckless to recognise a great mind at work. Perhaps a fairer criticism would be that I tend to get my version of events in first. First and hard. This time however, I have been stoically holding back to allow somebody else the chance to tell their story through the medium of game, after all, preaching about the wonders of narrative gaming won't do me any good if I keep it all to myself!

So without further ado, I would like to usher you along to my good friend and gaming partner Robotforaday's (AKA Lenihan) blog so that you can read the tale of Nobridge and it's brave defenders. No doubt you will marvel incredulously as the tale unfolds!

Click here to travel through spacetime to 'Where the Sea Pours Out'.