Sunday 1 May 2016

Tale of Four Oldhammerers: April Points Tally.

The end of April heralds the end of month eight in the painting challenge. Only two more months remain before the end of the project! Here are the tallies so far (some of the values are merely best estimates due to mediocre record keeping on behalf of others!). :p

Paul: Total Points Painted=819. Monthly Average=102. Overall Challenge Score=16.

Chico Total Points Painted=783. Monthly Average=98 Overall Challenge Score=11

James: Total Points Painted=650. Monthly Average=81. Overall Challenge Score=11

Steve Total Points Painted=580. Monthly Average=73. Overall Challenge Score=9

Follow their progress on these blogs:

Steve's brief challenge for 2nd place tails off, James continues to improve his standing and is finishing strongly (his results are easily the highest quality too, well done for that James).

Thanks for stopping by!