Saturday 4 June 2016

A Tale of Four Oldhammerers. May score update.

The penultimate month is done and dusted, on to the finish line! Here are the standings as we leap the final hurdle and put our heads down for the last furlong.

Paul: Total Points Painted=918. Monthly Average=102. Overall Challenge Score=18.

Chico Total Points Painted=1000. Monthly Average=100 Overall Challenge Score=13.

James: Total Points Painted=825. Monthly Average=92. Overall Challenge Score=13.

Steve Total Points Painted=779. Monthly Average=87. Overall Challenge Score=11.

Follow their progress on these blogs:

I can't wait to play the finale game at this years Bring Out Your Lead event!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. If you do the same next year I may jump in!

    1. That's be great! I am indeed running running one next year, between BOYL 16 and BOYL 17. I will keep you updated but the format will be more or less the same, 100 points a month and one blog post about it per month. The first entry will be end of August this year.

    2. If jump in for sure and it would motivate me to visit family in the Uk that I hate. Ahem.

    3. Fantastic, I'll be in touch closer to the time. Including a message on Fb we have four members interested now. There's no need to limit ourselves to four participants though, if anyone else is interested. :)