Friday 26 April 2013

General update of warband and gaming progress.

Here is the first of my Slaaneshi warband's four Dark Elves, done to tabletop standard. As a test model I am quite pleased with the colour scheme, which matches my painted Ogre. I want to get the other three finished (almost there, I always further one test model before I get too committed to a scheme though) and then start adding in a few highlights to make the metal and cloak pop.

Ruberon Blackbrow. Vile Druchii corsair and Slaanesh worshipper.

I already have an advanced Lord Savage (my champion) model but having acquired this beauty for around a fiver (thank you eBay, you have not gone completely downhill) I have decided to remove the previous incarnation from the awesome base and replace it with this instead. I will hold on to the other one in case I have to model on a chicken head or something, no way I am chopping this up.

The new Lord Savage model.

We played Talisman at my club last night, the game was a cruel and capricious one and was only made more difficult thanks to an 'enthusiastic' new player who used his magic wielding Elf to hamper progress at every turn. After a coalition of disgruntled adventurers banded together to turn him into a toad and bludgeon him to death while he was thus discomfited things improved but time ran out after the Troll also got toaded and all three remaining key players were teleported back to the outer region. We now have a little board games club within a club on the go, while we are playing Zombicide and possibly Axis and Allies next I hope to get more Talisman in soon, definitely with one of the expansions. By the end of the year I hope to get a game or two of Diplomacy in too, which is basically about as old as Chess, awesome. A chum at the club has Rogue Trooper which is on the cards too, I will get a photo of that one when it takes place.

Next time, it will be mine!

Finally, an apology. I was part of an online conversation recently about the disgusting habits of Fimir, as part human, part daemon creatures they have unsavoury reproductive rituals. The good lady in question quite rightly registered her distaste at their antics and described it as fluff that need never have been. It made me think of my own attitudes to the Warhammer universe, I quite like the dark and mature content of Slaves to Darkness and used the tone of that whole period to design the background for my warband (which upon reflection is a bit icky) but I failed to put up any warning and didn't take others into consideration when I posted. I remember there being quite a fuss from parents when StD was originally published and I am sure the combination of little mens and adult content still has the power to shock today. I won't remove the potentially offensive content, but I will add a preface which warns of what to expect. Sorry if you were upset by the fluff I wrote.

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  1. Great post, nice classic Dark Elf model, not to familiar with Lord Savage can you tell us what the miniatures are please. Zombicide rules that game has graced our table many a time, Axis and Allies and Diplomacy don't seem to fit in a night anymore everyone plays to cagey. I didn't know you caused some offence to someone it must have gone straight over my head and I reckon it will for the other 99% of reader, a disclaimer is a good idea.

  2. Thanks Jason!

    I am really looking forward to Zombicide, and the future of our board games clan in general. We have to 'house rule' Talisman with a minor tweak to shorten it slightly, I could probably do the same with A&A but Diplomacy might need a whole day thinking about it. Of course, my group are reckless noobs though!

    I haven't had any specific problems with the 'Lord Savage background' post but given how many people have seen it with no warning of the darkness of the content it seemed wise to take action. I was suddenly made self conscious about it because of the Fimir conversation, for someone who is supposed to be a mature adult I am still occasionally surprised to learn people have different ideas to my own.

    The model I am using for Lord Savage is a third edition 'Hero on Dragonhorse'. No official name unfortunately. He is accompanied by two 'crossbow' and a 'Hathar Redbolt', also from third edition. I will probably swap one of the 'crossbow' for a 'champion 3' as soon as I locate the bugger in my lead mountain. He also has two Ogres, a 'Golgfag's Ogres Trooper' and a 'Golgfags Ogres Standard Bearer'. Both third edition ones. I am trying to replace the seven, fourth edition Beastmen but the eBay price is through the roof and I am not having much luck.

  3. I used to have a games night every week with my friends, on top of club night. Axis and Allies was a favorite but Settlers was also up there. Never convinced them to play diplomacy nut that needs more than a night no?

    I'm lucky to get a game in a quarter these days. That will improve as the my boys get older though.

    1. Yes, I am breeding my own gaming companions now too! :)

      Before I moved North I had a wide network of gaming pals and I used to play Diplomacy at least once a week from 2000 to 2005. We got pretty slick, but right from the beginning we had strict five minute limits on phases for evening play. It allowed us to play to completion in three or four hours, but I am not sure if it's the best way to play the game in truth. I remember best those long Sunday games which took ten hours! I like Settlers too, though I think I would push for a game of Puerto Rico first. I also want to play Making of the President and Smallworld too, so many games and so little time!

      My life gets busy and I have abandoned lots of stuff like going to Football and Rugby matches, weekly pub nights, the movies etc. I kept gaming and taking the WIFE to restaurants, once a week each no matter what, otherwise I would go into meltdown. ヽ(`Д´)ノ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  (tableflip)

  4. Ah, I see the elusive Sir Roland has left his caling card here too.

    I would like to very briefly mention that the progenating of the Fimir follows the same behavior as the Broo from Chaosiums Runequest (the origin of the GW Beastmen concept). People who find this distasteful are quite right to do so, but nontheless, it is fact that in war deeply unpleasant things happen, including rape. Read the news, there are enough stories about what US soldiers did to women in Iraq - and those are just the ones that are reported.

    The fact that we ascribe such behaviour to inhuman, bestial, evil, monsters, not heroes should provide some moral context to the reader. We are not children playing childrens games, the realities of the world are not something we need to be sheltered from, but justifiably horrified and outraged at.

    "Fluff that should never have been"? more like fiction that has never been needed more.

    1. Yes, either Alain genuinely finds hundreds of wargaming blogs to be 'really very interesting' or robots have finally learned how to break those comment codes, in which case we should all start laying in provisions and preparing for the apocalypse.

      I completely agree with you on the subject of the horrors of war by the way, I still feel that my stuff and the GW article needed a warning, given the context, but I feel the same way as you.

    2. Ah, think Sir Roland has just been doing some copy-paste. He's got a nice blog, although its mostly about painting Redhammer style and big box games, which isn't my thing, it is very good for what it is.

      Sorry for the minor rant, and glad you concur. Agree the "parental advisory" or "suggested for mature readoers" notice is probably the way forward :-)

    3. I think you're right on the copy paste, I gave him a taste of his own medicine on his latest post. I hope he gets the joke and approves it!

      I love rants! My blog will always reflect the person I am, a bluff but honest cove with an endearing straightforwardness.