Friday 30 May 2014

Return of the Deathfist. 14th of June 2014, Slayer Gaming, Mansfield.

Ulthur Deathfist, the very name fills those unfortunate enough to hear it with an immediate clammy dread and an encroaching, bowel-loosening horror. The Deathfist was once a favoured scion of Khorne but having tasted the bitter fruit of defeat in a confrontation with the primordial Demi-God, Mum-Ho-Thep, he has been reduced to leading the shredded remnants of his army in acts of ignominious banditry on the back roads and lesser highways of the Empire.

Ulthur Deathfist.

All this time, his old rivals have grown in stature along the Old Forest Road, his former domain. The Road itself is a bizarre place, created by renegade Elves in antiquity during the Wars Of Vengeance to allow a swift and secret egress for small cadres of elite troops. The Road is a real path but it passes through more places than it should, many more. It is said that those who travel the Road arrive not where they wish to be but where they need to be. Nowadays, it is a place of violence still as warbands of Chaotics struggle and strive for dominance, their dark Gods heaving with mirth as they observe. It is here that the Deathfist first began his tale of utter damnation.

The Road, where anything can happen and frequently does.

Ulthur has recently been visited in his bandit lair by a crouching, red daemon with a long, lashing tongue and a twisted, sardonic visage. The vile abomination brings a bundled package and message of redemption from the dog-faced God himself.

"The Necromancer, Baron Kraust, is abroad on the Road. You will return there and slay this toad in our master's glorious name. A Necromancer is doubly cursed, for not only does he dabble in foul magicks but he also denies us our measure of blood in battle! For you however there is a personal motivation, if such were needed to revive your hate, for Kraust led the right flank of Mum-Ho-Thep on the day of your shaming! He has recently suffered a loss, his phylactery is sundered and his realm is under Imperial scrutiny. He has decided to escape the eyes of his foes and search for the components of a new phylactery by using the Road. He knows the dangers of that place, he will be well defended, but your God wants you to avenge the insult of your ruination and strike back at those who brought it about. You must face that which bested you and prevail. Here, this is the daemonblade 'Hatemaker'. It imprisons the essence of one of my brethren and if you have the will to subjugate him, he will aid you enormously. Go then, return to the Road, you know what you must do."

Baron Kraust, in happier times.

With not a word more, the daemon herald turned and left. Ulthur tore off the bundled rags of the package and held 'Hatemaker in his fist. He felt his rage and loathing for his enemies swell to new levels as he swung a practice cut through the air. Tomorrow, would be a very good day. This thought fired his blood mightily as he turned his head to the Road and bellowed for his minions to follow.

So then, two former stars of more than one online battle report across three blogs both make a return as they rapidly approach 'Special Character' status. Get in touch and ask for details if you want to join in, or just turn up on the day at Slayer Gaming because the more the merrier! The narrative is designed for a Chaos army to take on a GM'd force of Undead, so players will be cooperating to pull apart an enemy army while competing for fame and glory along the way! This doesn't mean you can't bring along your own miniatures, in fact you are encouraged to do so, I will make up a story to explain your alliance/appearance on the day.

As always, rules knowledge is not essential, though written stats and gaming aids such as tape measures and dice are very handy indeed.

I am on a trip out of the country for a few days between now and the event so if you have questions it'd be best to ask them as soon as possible please. I will be available again a few days before though so don't panic.

Parking is apparently excellent nearby according to the staff, though I haven't been able to confirm this visually with google maps.

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    1. Thanks Phil, it belongs to Orlygg who did a fine article on making it on the Realm of Chaos 80s blog.

  2. Kraust will not be denied his phylactery this time - despite conquering death itself he hasn't been able to "go" for weeks.

    Or perhaps I'm thinking of something else...

    1. Hope you're not thinking of prophylactic aids! Eew!

    2. Well at least he remembered to connect up his piss sack this time ; )

  3. Nicely written I must say. "Bowel-loosening horror" brilliant. I hope your opponents wear nappies to your games :0)

    1. many thanks Anne, writing is another hobby of mine and it's always good to discover a word or turn of phrase is engaging. As a GM I don't really have opponents as such, more like victims! They learn never to make the same mistakes twice, that's for sure. :)

  4. Excellent table and commentary (and nice wizards tower too).

    1. Thank you very much. The wizard's tower always draws compliments, I use it whenever I can!