Thursday 12 June 2014

Carnivale! Allies for the Deathfist?

The illustrious Mr Casey, bearer of the Yellow Fleece of Doom, will be joining battle on the 14th at Slayer Gaming with us and has requested a bit of narrative for his force, a travelling show with a Warhammer twist.


When they come, they ride into a village upon a bow-wave of fevered excitement. Days before they arrive it begins, a trepidatious buzz that whips an otherwise staid and drab populace into a fierce hysteria. The buzz is a word. Nobody ever knows who heard it first or who brought the word, but one word always leaps from one mouth to another like a scalded cat. That word? Carnivale!

The posters appear next.

Marvel at Fingers the unfailing knife-thrower and see his beautiful assistant Cristina risk her life for your entertainment on the Wheel of Death!

Peer in stupefied confusion at the impossible accuracy of Klynt Westwood the sharp-shooting bounty-hunter turned trick-marksman!

Goggle wide-eyed in wonderment at the Wild Man of the Forest, a fearsome, brawling primitive from a lost epoch! Pay a copper penny and take your lady for a peek or impress her by brawling with him for the stake of a mere silver piece!

Stare in awed tremulousness at the act of the legendary beast-trainer Alfredo and his monstrous companion, Buster.

Gawk in perplexity at the Great Nint’hen-doh, an incomparable illusionist who will astound you and leave you gaping open-mouthed with his ‘Magick’.

There are cheered as they march in, tickets are always sold out, audiences are always given a show to remember for the rest of their lives and the troupe never lingers past their welcome.

Something happened to change this easy routine. Just last Hexenstag Leon, the circus family's hunter and chief night watchman, discovered one of his night guard comrades brutally slain in the curio museum caravan. For a moment his visage twisted in anger and he barely looked human at all but then a soft hand caressed his shoulder. His lover, Cristina, had sensed his anguish and awoken. Having rushed to his side she calms him and he begins to look for clues. An ancient relic is missing! This affront against the circus family cannot go unpunished, for though the pull of Chaos is weak at best on the souls of these merry troubadours in happy times, vengeance can be the bellows that fans any small flame into an inferno.

At Leon's behest the Carnivale's Gypsy peers into her ball of polished crystal and flinches not as the souls of the dead appear to torment her. After a lengthy struggle of wills that would stop the heart of of an untrained medium they finally submit to her and a name is revealed, the thief, Kraust.

As he builds his phylactery anew, the necromancer may have crossed the wrong freaks.

Information is so much bread and butter to a travelling carnival and by moving day and night it is not long before they have the old soul-stealer cornered. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones seeking revenge on Kraust. Will striking a bargain with the Deathfist be the answer? Or even possible?!

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  1. Be they Nobleman, Commoner or even Clown - all are welcome to join Baron Kraust's Band of Lost Souls...

    1. Chaos clowns, the world needs more of those. Hope you got my recent text btw?