Thursday 28 January 2016

A Tale of Four Oldhammerers: Month five.

As predicted, January was a very busy month because my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter. Thankfully they are both very healthy, so I managed to sneak in some hobby time and fulfill my commitments to the Tale of Four Oldhammerers project. :)

I've been saving the mummy for this month because it is a single small model worth 80 points and it makes life nice and simple! I added in a quick and dirty skeleton worth 12 points to make 92 points in total, which keeps my monthly average comfortably above 100 points.

The scores so far:

Paul: 10 points

Chico: 7 points

Steve: 7 points

James: 5 points

The others did very well this month so things are largely as they were last month.

Thanks for stopping by!

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