Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Blackwold Road, Part Two.

Read on for the conclusion...

Combat favours the adventurers as first Grognomma then one of the ladz succumbs to Saul and Fingers. Toin is managing to stay alive, just, but things look very dangerous for the Dwarf and Lazarus too.

The Orcs find their formation was over-cautious about the Ihmissusi and over-confident regarding the Humiez. While one of the ladz gets a charge in on Fingers they are unable to respond swiftly to the loss of Grognomma leaving Urklasch under threat.

Lazurus breaks off from supporting the Dwarf to unleash another Fire Ball which kills another of the ladz, but could be a mistake. Saul and Urklasch duel in the highlight of the game, there is a real sense of excitement as the two toughest hombres on the field of battle hew mightily at each other. In the end as the dice settle, Urklasch is slain while Saul staggers on with one wound.

Things were looking pretty grim for the Orcs and we decided a morale check was in order. The three survivors take to their heels as a result and with that the game ends.

In a fit of generosity I head for the hills with the Ihmissusi too, but he'll be back for more now he has the taste of Dwarf...

So, victory to the adventurers. They were luckier than the Orcs when it came to rolling up stat lines and the extra wounds made a big difference as Saul and Toin took some serious damage yet remained in play. They can now journey deeper into the heart of the Blackwold in search of fame and fortune, tracked all the time by the fearsome Ihmissusi.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed our game.


  1. Love the idea of the GM monster that keeps tracking the heroes down. Is its name a reference to something - haven't worked it out yet?

  2. Thanks again, you can have that idea for free!

    While I like a good pun as much as the next oldhammerer, I limit the use of word-play to those I really like. Another source of names I like is the 'tenuous link'. Here goes: Amongst others, Tolkien inspired Warhammer and was himself inspired by European folklore, including Finnish Saga-myths, an Ihmissusi is a kind of Finnish Werewolf from the old tales.

    The word has a susurrant quality that has made it stick in my mind. I like the idea of giving what is essentially just a werewolf a more distinct personality by enhancing it's individuality with an odd name. I think I learned the trick from the Uderfryktes in the Elder Scrolls computer games, they were basically just Trolls, but I remember each Uderfrykte more vividly than any Troll encounter because of a few simple writer's tricks.

    1. Its a great name and definitely adds more character like you say. Udefryktes is good too.

      I was thinking along the lines of it being a reference to the wolf creature from Never Ending Story but having just looked up its name (Gmork) I realise I was way off!

  3. I googled it. Google always has the answer.

  4. Starting at the beginning with your blog and already loving it. This battle report is a real highlight - a fantastic example/inspiration as to how WFB3 (or 4 IMO) can be used to play a style of game many players would feel equates more to a D&D type context. So simple yet so atmospheric!

    1. Thanks! I have some more of these after-action reports to post up, I'll get it done. :)